Light linkity for hot and steamy summer days

What a week! I had online training for 4 hours/day Monday – Thursday for work, which was a lot more disruptive than I expected it to be. Also on Monday, I managed to stumble stub one of my toes and am pretty sure it’s fractured. But since it’s not displaced, I haven’t bothered to go in to the doctor. Sure is colorful, tho! Hope everyone’s weeks have gone more smoothly than mine! 🙂


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Gluten Free

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Cool or Wha…?



Reading Update

Erm. Gosh. That Good Omens fanfic on AO3 is really, really good. And I don’t publicly review fanfic, so…

“Well, I NEVER!” -Mayhem

4 thoughts on “Light linkity for hot and steamy summer days”

  1. Ocean Atlas is pretty awesome.

    It took me a minute to figure out how the internet was screaming, but I eventually figured it out. LOL.

  2. “Gen X remembers when the internet screamed when you connected to it.” Best. Line. Ever.

    I can’t claim to recognize every line from the Declaration, but that NPR tweet-storm about live tweeting a reading of the Declaration is scary. I wonder how far into the document they got before people stopped recognizing it and started crying foul? (But I’m too scared to look it up.)

    And… now I want bookends with hidden drawers. Gah. No space for bookends on my shelves…
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