Apologetic pole

While I was out walking Sunday, I noticed a little sign on a pole (click on the picture to embiggen):

Now, I wouldn’t even have noticed the pole if that sign hadn’t been on it. I mean, since I noticed it because of the sign apologizing for it not being attractive, I looked at the pole and decided that, sure, it probably wasn’t going to win any pole modeling contracts, but I can see an old dingy pole in the back of the picture below that wasn’t apologizing for being old and dingy and unattractive.

Now I definitely have high expectations for the replacement pole. What could possibly live up to the anticipation that the sign must be generating?!

“Do not adjust your dial. I am always perfect as I am.” -Mayhem

35 thoughts on “Apologetic pole”

  1. Poor pole. Doesn’t it know it’s no good to apologize? It just brings undo attention your way. What a tough lot to live and now your expectations are very high for the next poor pole.

  2. Aww…now I want to hug the pole. Poor pole…it has such low self-esteem! I think the pole is perfectly fine the way it is!

    (Why, yes, I AM feeling genuine empathy for an inanimate object. Why do you ask?)

  3. That’s too funny!
    We have a pretty sad old wooden telephone/power pole in our back yard that I wish would get replaced. The wood is terribly rough and splintered. Hopefully it isn’t rotted. I really don’t want it falling over on our new garage.

  4. someone in public works has a marvelous sense of humor.
    I just can’t believe that they actually paid for printing those signs.
    what a hoot.

  5. that reminds me of the letter they mail(ed?) to tell you you’re getting a stimulus check – what a waste of money to send out something to say you’re getting something else (money). In this case it’s also ironic that it’s a paper sign on a wooden pole – I guess we have plenty of trees out there to use up on signs and poles. Funny, though.

  6. Couldn’t they just mount the wireless thingie on an existing pole instead of paying taxpayer’s money to cut down more trees and ship them to Mpls and erect them? ::shuffles away mumbling to self::

    I have heard that Mpls will be a wireless hot spot. Please keep us all posted. (Pun intended.)

  7. Hmm, I think the sign that should go on me is “Please excuse my plain appearance. Makeup, hair, nails and smooth body parts are not coming anytime soon, so just look away until something more appealing wanders by” 😉

  8. Gee, that isn’t the smartest notice. I would not expect the city to admit that their pole was not as strong as it should be. I guess it is refreshingly honest, anyway.

  9. Probably something made of metal… or worse plastic made to look like metal. I think you should definitely give them a hard time about besmirching wood, a wonderfully renewable resource and I’m sure a large portion of the state’s economy… yada yada yada….

  10. I’ve always heard that Minneapolis people were polite. 🙂 But really the pole shouldn’t feel like it needs to apologize. Other than the bright yellow sign, it looks like a nice fresh pole.

  11. It was probably wary because of all the crap the St. Louis Park poles took when they went up, and now are coming down!

  12. So, I wonder how many people actually stop and read that sign… maybe they’re giving out prizes for the people who call the phone number. “Congratulations, you are an actually observant person!” Something like that.

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