Linkity lacking links, but hey, Chaos is still alive!

It has been quite the week here. On Monday, Chaos had two seizures and spent Monday through Wednesday evening at the U of MN Veterinary Hospital. While there, he had no more seizures and all of his medical tests were normal, the seizures unexplained. He’s home and if he has another seizure, he’ll need to go on medication. Poor old guy! He’s 15.5 years old – the picture below is not recent, because he has a lot of random shaved spots right now and looks quite pathetic. And Mayhem has been hissing and growling at him for the past 24 hours – I’m hoping she relaxes soon…

“Everything sucks.” -Chaos

10 thoughts on “Linkity lacking links, but hey, Chaos is still alive!”

  1. Haven’t commented in forever – but sorry to hear Chaos is doing poorly. Our Ozzie (Chaos) is sadly aging as well. Arthritis is mean.

  2. Poor Chaos and May! (and you…) I hope all goes well. Hugs from me and purrs from Suzy (whose fur has finally grown back in after the tests and such she needed earlier this year).

  3. Poor Chaos! Poor Chris and Mayhem! I am wondering if he thought a seizure might get him more tuna. I hope he continues to recover well. He must have hated the hospital.

  4. So sorry to hear about Chaos. I look Chaos and Mayhem pics every week. I do hope he is better soon, but 15.5 is getting on a bit. My thoughts are with you. Been there and it is never good.

  5. I hope Chaos is feeling better, we had a dalmation who had seizures for most of her life and she did very well on medication. All the best for you all.

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