*happy May Day Friday dance*

Warning: Nearly guaranteed you’ll get a cute burn from this one, but it’ll be so worth it!

Hee hee – I say variations of this all the time…

If you have arachnophobia, think twice before following this link.

Trying to make more of your holiday gifts? Homemade coffee liqueur sounds pretty tasty, but you should get started soon, as it needs to sit for a few months.

Gutter gardens look like a very clever way to do some gardening when you don’t have much space.

The Indoor Cat Initiative has lots of great information about keeping your indoor cat happy and healthy.

Another interesting charging station. I desperately need to get some sort of charging station in place! *time passes* Ok, I ordered this one.

Who knew you could make cute little journals from paper and an old cereal box?

Thanks to CursingMama for the heads up that today is Buy Indie Day!

Thanks to Ruth for the heads up on this new-to-me online knitting magazine, PopKnits: Vintage Knitting Redux.

If you’re looking for some affordable web design and/or blog tweaking, go pester Van of FuriousBall. He’s doing a few “under the hood” things here at SoC that none of you will actually notice but that will make things easier for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Really, you have no idea how stressful it is being a gorgeous panther princess.” -Mayhem

29 thoughts on “*happy May Day Friday dance*”

  1. Happy May Day! No Mayhem, it’s not YOUR day… Gandalf likes to hide under blankets too.

    That little baby kitty is just too adorable! Just want to kiss da widdle belly.

  2. If today is May Day (and I can see on the calendar that it is – taxes are due), why is it that the weather forecast for here is a week or more of unremitting April showers?? Hmm???

  3. Relax Ms May, you are a gorgeous panther princess!!! Just ask Mom for tummy tickle and you’ll relax even more. Works for me every time.
    ~Ruby (the gorgeous red head)~

  4. I love Popknits! It doesn’t make me want to run out and cast on, but I always enjoy it!

  5. I have made cordials and hard lemonade before. I’ll have to consider making coffee liqueur. What I really want is some of the sour cherries I found a couple of years ago to make a cherry liqueur for my friend the cherry fanatic.

  6. Love the links today!

    Have a great weekend! (I’ve got lots of fibery goodness to look forward to at the Sheep and Wool!)

  7. Does that mean we are required to purchase something indie today? I’d hate to break the rules….

  8. Happy May Day!

    When I had a cat with longer hair, I used to joke that I could knit another kitty with the fur.

    Poor May. Being a gorgeous panther princess is hard work.

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