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Reading Update
Fearless (Pax Arcana, #3)Fearless, In Shining Armor (Pax Arcana, #4)In Shining Armor, and Legend Has It (Pax Arcana, #5)Legend Has It (Pax Arcana #3-5) by Elliott James. Good series about John Charming, former member of the Knights Templar, not-quite-werewolf, trouble magnet. Book 5 sort of felt like it could be the last book…
Charmed I'm Sure (Pax Arcana #0.01)Charmed I’m Sure, Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls (Pax Arcana #0.02)Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Pushing Luck (Pax Arcana #0.03)Pushing Luck, Surreal Estate (Pax Arcana #0.04)Surreal Estate, Dog-Gone (Pax Arcana #0.05)Dog-Gone, Bulls Rush In (Pax Arcana #0.06)Bulls Rush In, Talking Dirty (Pax Arcana #0.07)Talking Dirty, and Low Elf Esteem (Pax Arcana #0.08)Low Elf Esteem (Pax Arcana .01 – .08) by Elliott James. These eight short stories are set before the five main Pax Arcana novels and tell the tale of how one John Charming ended up in bartending in Clayburg.
Sins & Shadows (Shadows Inquiries, #1)Sin & Shadows and Ghosts & Echoes (Shadows Inquiries #2)Ghosts & Echoes, Gods & Monsters (Shadows Inquiries #3)Gods & Monsters, and Lies & Omens (Shadows Inquiries, #4)Lies & Omens (Shadows Inquiries 1-4) by Lyn Benedict. Decent urban fantasy series about a PI who’s kind of mean to everyone around her as she charges blindly forward… Also, this is an entire and complete series, which is nice.

“When will the birds be back???” -Mayhem