In which there’s no internet to do linkity

Sorry about another week without linkity, but I’ve been without internet since Monday night. Apparently ice burst a fiber conduit and they inexplicably can’t repair it until the weather warms up Friday. Argh. This is what I had done as of Monday… Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm or cool, as appropriate to your location! I feel so out of touch…

Reading Update
The Kill Society (Sandman Slim, #9)The Kill Society and Hollywood Dead (Sandman Slim #10)Hollywood Dead (Sandman Slim 9-10) by Richard Kadrey. And now I’m all caught up on Sandman Slim. Be warned that The Kill Society is another cliffie, while Hollywood Dead feels like it could be the end of the series (although Kadrey says there are still more books).
Butcher BirdButcher Bird by Richard Kadrey. Ok early urban fantasy from Kadrey that contains most of the ideas that would become Sandman Slim.
Dead SetDead Set by Richard Kadrey.  Ok young adult urban fantasy about a girl whose father died recently and who’s having a rough time of it in a new school without any friends.
The Last Policeman (Last Policeman, #1)The Last Policeman, (Last Policeman 1) by Ben H Winters. With only a few months to go before a surprise!asteroid takes out Earth, most people have more or less given up any pretense of normal life. But one recently minted New England police detective doggedly investigates a seeming suicide, convinced that there something not right about the death.

*sigh* -Mayhem

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