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Reading Update
The Mortal Word (The Invisible Library #5)The Mortal Word (The Invisible Library #5) by Genevieve Cogman. Another very good addition to this series. I devoured it in a single sitting.
Zero Sum GameZero Sum Game (Russell’s Attic #1) by SL Huang. Ambivalent about this one – I liked it well enough, but the rest of the series isn’t available because it’s being rereleased. By the time they’re all rereleased, I will have forgotten everything about this book.
A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic #2)A Gathering of Magic (Shades of Magic #2) by VE Schwab. I gave up a few chapters in – it just wasn’t holding my interest for some reason.
The Iron Wyrm Affair (Bannon & Clare, #1)The Iron Wyrm Affair, The Red Plague Affair (Bannon & Clare, #2)The Red Plague Affair, The Ripper AffairThe Ripper Affair, and The Damnation Affair (Bannon & Clare, #1.5)The Damnation Affair (Bannon & Clare 1-3, 1.5) by Lilith Saintcrow. Very good magical Holmesian steampunk trilogy. Recommended. While The Damnation Affair is nominally set in the same universe, it’s on another continent and features completely different characters.
Beast of WonderBeast of Wonder by Lilith Saintcrow. I have no idea what happened in this one. Just HUH?!

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