In which the kitties capture a real mouse!

…and have no earthly idea what to do with it.

Chaos carried it around for a minute or so (including hopping in and out of the bathtub) while it squeaked pitifully and then he dropped it on the throw rug in the hall (which is his favorite place to hork, too). I got an empty plastic container and Mayhem helpfully tapped the mouse into said container for me so I could take it out and place the (lidless) container and mouse into the dumpster. (I didn’t want to make it too easy for the mouse to get back in the building!)

No pictures exist of the kitties and their puzzling prize. However, I gave them a brand new furry (toy) mouse and took a few pictures of them playing with it. Truthfully? They seemed to enjoy the toy mouse a lot more. Here I thought Mayhem would be a great huntress, based on her behavior hunting bugs and furry toy mice.

“I am so a Great Panther Girl Huntress!” -Mayhem

“Note my mad mouse catching skillz!” -Mayhem

“This mouse is toast! Take that, mousie!” -Mayhem

“Let me show you how it’s done, May.” -Chaos

“You can’t escape me! Bwa-ha-ha!” -Chaos

No mice, real or toy, were hurt either preceding or during the preparation of this post. However, a real mouse may now require years of psychotherapy and a furry toy mouse may have had its tail eaten after the camera was put away.