In which the kitties capture a real mouse!

…and have no earthly idea what to do with it.

Chaos carried it around for a minute or so (including hopping in and out of the bathtub) while it squeaked pitifully and then he dropped it on the throw rug in the hall (which is his favorite place to hork, too). I got an empty plastic container and Mayhem helpfully tapped the mouse into said container for me so I could take it out and place the (lidless) container and mouse into the dumpster. (I didn’t want to make it too easy for the mouse to get back in the building!)

No pictures exist of the kitties and their puzzling prize. However, I gave them a brand new furry (toy) mouse and took a few pictures of them playing with it. Truthfully? They seemed to enjoy the toy mouse a lot more. Here I thought Mayhem would be a great huntress, based on her behavior hunting bugs and furry toy mice.

“I am so a Great Panther Girl Huntress!” -Mayhem

“Note my mad mouse catching skillz!” -Mayhem

“This mouse is toast! Take that, mousie!” -Mayhem

“Let me show you how it’s done, May.” -Chaos

“You can’t escape me! Bwa-ha-ha!” -Chaos

No mice, real or toy, were hurt either preceding or during the preparation of this post. However, a real mouse may now require years of psychotherapy and a furry toy mouse may have had its tail eaten after the camera was put away.

48 thoughts on “In which the kitties capture a real mouse!”

  1. Eww! See, both times Mae caught a mouse, she killed it… Atticus, lazy male bum that he is, just sat idly by, as though Mae was bringing him his dinner. Heh.

  2. Someone here (we don’t know who it was) caught a mouse a few weeks ago. It didn’t look very injured, just like it was sleeping, and they left it on the mat in front of the garden door! Not really a family of killers, apparently.

  3. Ms. Kitty is pretty good at catching the little lizards that show up in GA every spring/summer.. but she usually just carries them around in her mouth by the tail until you shoo her out the door.

  4. LOL! An indoor cat I once had–gone now :-(–had captured a real-live mouse once, and had pretty much the same reaction. “Uh, whaaa?” He kept picking it up and putting in the same place so he could observe it. It would try to get away and he would bring it back to the same place, over and over and over. I finally took pity on the poor thing and put it outside. I’m sure it was never the same after that…

  5. It’s funny how some cats know and some don’t. Our older cat is a great mouser, the younger one loves to catch them and plays with them till they have a heart attack if we don’t send them outside in time. He’s pretty disappointed with them once they do die.

  6. That is hilarious. Our kitty has not caught or had the opportunity *knock on wood* to catch a mouse, though she is pretty good about the bugs provided the stay moving and look interesting. She enjoys the bugs more at the beginning of spring and the tail end of fall when she is more likely to be bored.

  7. OH YUCK!!!! Well better to find it now before it makes a nest in your closet!! My kitties are indoor/outdoor cats and they tend to bring in lizards and crickets. Once we had a mouse (apparently an endangered one at that!) and they also tend to bring in baby racer snakes. Its when they bring in the 3 footer that I get panicky!!!!

  8. Oh, the plight of the indoor kitty!

    Nikita used to be my ace bug hunter though, these days, neither he nor Rocky seems to care about anything indoors except toys, nip and mice.

  9. Maybe Chaos and Mayhem are members of PETA.

    I once had a cat that caught (and killed) a mouse in the basement, and deposited it in her food bowl. I guess she was saving it for later.

  10. When I had a mouse in my kitchen, Harley showed absolutely no interest — I had to get a humane trap and catch it myself!

    And I wonder why Chaos thought the bathtub was appropriate?

  11. The problem for the kitties with the real mouse was that it didn’t fly. Running around on the floor just isn’t that interesting, but at least Chaos caught it.

  12. eeewwwww…. so glad that you caught and disposed of it…. at least they traped it for you – and so glad they didn’t decide to eat it.

  13. They HAVE the necessary hunting skills as evidenced by catching said traumatized mouse.

    However, since they are clearly sleek, well-fed kitties, they didn’t recognize it as FOOD.

    Be very, VERY grateful for this. As one who lives in the country and has what. is. left. brought to me, let me tell you it is not pretty.

  14. Well technically Chaos caught it… very helpful because mice are quick little things. I’m sure my two kitties would not know what to do with a real mouse – Ellie would likely talk it to death.

    Hopefully both of your kitties are up to date on their vaccinations.

  15. Junior, a former feline resident of Chez Kat, was once observed filing her nails and eating bon bons while the mice frolicked around her.

  16. My kitties are the same way. The one and only time they caught something real and alive (excluding bugs), they just played with it. Catnip toys and jingly balls, however, are toast.

  17. Haha! Tyger once caught a mouse, then dropped it in the center of the living room. Don’t think he knew what to do with it either. Of course, the little creature was so fast it took us half an hour to catch it! Lotus could have helped…. but she knows what to do with “food.” And I prefer less carnage in the house. I once found a dismembered gecko on the carpet. Ick.

  18. It’s probably best for you that they didn’t do more with it. My crew (we don’t know which one) just seems to play with them until they stop, for good. I’ve got to wonder about Chaos and the bathtub thing though.

  19. Well, my hunter Nicky loves to bring home the catch of the day. Most of the time is has expired, but occasionally he will have a live one, be it mouse, or gopher. Nora just looks at the and goes ewww, and leaps to the top of the sofa to watch. Luckly Lilly is a good terrier and she will be the one to take care of it, as Nicky feels that he caught it once, why does he need to do it again, and doesn’t the kibble take good. Nick and Lilly also will play mole and gopher hockey in the living room and do not understand why Mom has to ruin their fun by taking the puck away.

  20. Poor Mousie is probably suffering PTSD or yapping it up in the Mouse Bar.

    Hez was brought me a mouse. Not one of the three of us really knew how to handle the situation.

  21. Ha. My kitty-cat once had a mouse run under her belly while she was lying in the center of a room. The look on her face was great. The mouse got away

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