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Reading Update
Dragon Justice (Paranormal Scene Investigations #4)Dragon Justice (Paranormal Scene Investigations #4) by Laura Anne Gilman. Good continuation of this series about a paranormal investigation agency. If you read it, brace yourself. Not everyone on the team makes it to the end.
Volatile Bonds (Prospero's War, #4)Volatile Bonds (Prospero’s War #4) by Jaye Wells. Another good addition to this series about a police detective attached to a Federal unit focusing on crime in the city’s supernatural community.
Staying Dead (Retrievers, #1)Staying Dead and Curse the Dark (Retrievers, #2)Curse the Dark (Retrievers 1-2) by Laura Anne Gilman. Good sort of detectivey series about Wren, whose magic leaves her unnoticed by most people, and her partner Sergei, who isn’t magical at all.

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