Well, crap

It isn’t a WordPress thing – it’s a Firefox thing (perhaps coinciding with a new version of Firefox taking effect) that is apparently mucking about with the WYSIWYG post editor. Of course, it’d be more helpful if I knew what exactly said thing was, wouldn’t it?

Remember that I took last Friday off to enjoy the weather? It was gloriously sunny and 74F and I wandered around Lake of the Isles in a tank top and shorts! Saturday wasn’t quite as lovely (upper 60s), but still quite pleasant for a tank top and shorts. Over the next few days, it cooled down (32F when I went to work Tuesday morning) and we got a bit of rain. It’s still really, really dry – dry enough that yesterday’s 85F didn’t cause quite the green explosion one would hope. Today: 75F, becoming rainy for the next several days, with highs of 45F or 50F over the weekend! Crazy, crazy weather.

Hmm. Not much else going on. My sweater is about 6″ long now and I’ve gotten really, really good at correcting cable mishaps. Usually. Other than that one time. And really, it would only have added an inch or two to the sweater…

Maybe a few links to help liven up a dull post… Did you know Sunday is Pet Parents Day? Totally a made-up holiday, but you can send ecards

Check out the free WordPress Black Cat Theme that Limedragon found! I’m pretty fond of my theme, but I know there are other black cat lovers out there. Speaking of which, did you happen to see the lovely black cat quilt that KitKatKnit found? And from yet another enterprising reader – check out the cute retro modern kitty beds that Shannah found over at etsy. (She also found a cool and completely non-cat-related link to making cupcakes decorated with marzipan “knitting.”)

Hmm. What do you think crime scene investigators would say about this shower curtain and bath mat?!


*snort snuffle drool* -Mayhem

My favorite part of that picture? Not the soft and tempting bikini-marked tummy. Not the adorable paws-up pose. Nope. My favorite part is that her mouth is hanging slightly open so you can see some tiny kitty teeth (click the picture to embiggen). Class act all the way, MayMay.

May your weekends all be as relaxing as Mayhem’s will be!

34 thoughts on “Well, crap”

  1. Well, it’s about time they recognize us Pet Parents! Now, where’s my pressie guys?!

    Gandalf does the same thing, with a bit of a pink tongue sticking out too!

  2. I was having problems with my WP editor too in FF, I switched over to Opera for a few days and now everything seems to be kosher now. Opera is cool, but FF is my comfy place.

  3. Mr.M had to totally uninstall firefox after the last update because it was running so very slow. Now he’s running 100% safari we shall see if it lasts.

    *crosses fingers for rain* otherwise I’ll be spending a very cold day watering shrubs & trees tomorrow.

  4. Thank you for the info about it being FF3. It’s been wreaking havoc for me, too, and I’ve shut off the WYSIWYG editor in my profile. That seems to have solved it for now. Maybe the WP peeps are working on a fix…

  5. I recently had an issue with my WP install taking out my paragraph formatting, I found that the TinyMCE Advanced plugin fixed the issue. Not sure what your problem is/was but maybe that will help? Good luck!

  6. I’m having a Firefox/Flickr conflict, but only on the home computer. I can upload, but Firefox crashes the minute I click on anything. I may have to uninstall. Grr. I don’t have time for junk like this…

  7. Hm, I guess I’ve missed it by using the HTML editor. (And by not posting yet this week…)

    Can I swap you weekend weather? It’s supposed to be 88ish here, and I am *not* ready for summer.

  8. It’s supposed to be 80s here this weekend, which is going to make put in extra exciting as we cart all of the set pieces from one side of the MIT campus to the other. At least we start early enough to miss some of the heat!

  9. that shower curtain would give me nightmares every time I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth (visions of psycho)
    love that snap of Maymay… I wish I could sprawl in a chair that way, don’t you?

  10. That is a fabulous picture – relaxation at it’s finest. Makes me a bit jealous … when I was younger I always wanted to come back as a cat. I mean, they have THE BEST LIVES.

    I like the black cat template, but I really love your template. I love the eye. I’ve always thought it was Chaos’ eye…is it?

  11. My family in Wisconsin had snow on Tuesday. Here, we were in the mid-90s earlier this week and now in the low-60s. Temps are “supposed” to be in the mid-70s.

    If I were Chaos, I would pounce on May when she slept like that figuring she was just asking for it.

  12. I’m turning into a weather addict, too! I used to just take it as it comes, but not anymore. It’s in the low 80s with sunshine today.

    Here’s hoping the new Firefox trouble gets fixed. And give May’s tummy a good petting for me. 🙂 So cute.

  13. We’re going to have 80s for the next few days.

    I think I’ll pass on the shower curtain and bathmat.

    May looks like she’s smiling. 🙂

  14. Chris, you’re right! If I didn’t know better, I’d ask how you got a photo of my Bailey. I love it when they lay like that, its almost as though they’re inviting me to rub their bellies. 🙂

  15. Good grief…I’m already scared to get in the shower without bloody showercurtain and bathmat to make it worse… *shudder*

    Isis does the same vikini-up sleep pose with the oh-so-lady-like mouth-open thing going on. Only she snores…hehhehheh

  16. Oh, rats, it’s Firefox? That explains a few things.

    Aw. There’s nothing like the love of cat and her shower curtain, is there. I love her fur bikini.

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