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Reading Update for the Past Two Weeks
Free Agent, Soul Ink, Armageddon Rules, and Wish Bound (Grimm Agency #1, #1.5, #2, #3) by JC Nelson. Ok paranormal/fairy tale series about a woman whose parents sold her into indentured servitude working for the Grimm Agency. (I know, that’s amazingly unhelpful even by my reviewette standards, but pretty much anything else I can say would be a spoiler.) On the plus side, this is a completed series! It won’t drag on forever! 😀
No Hero and Yesterday’s Hero, and Anti-Hero (Arthur Wallace 1-3) by Jonathan Wood. Pretty good series about a cop who ends up in a secret British government agency (dealing with the paranormal) after he sees too much at a crime scene. Maybe it’s the nature of books that use Lovecraft’s concepts and characters, but this reminded me an awful lot of the Laundry Files by Charles Stross. And no one’s injuries really seem to linger past the time when they’re incurred.
Bookburners: The Complete First Season by Max Gladstone et al. 3.5 stars. Good paranormal suspense about a secret organization funded by the Vatican who travel the world confiscating dangerous magical texts. This was originally released serially – I would’ve hated to read it that way. I also think the serial thing contributed to this book’s heft (800 pages) – it could definitely stand to be trimmed down a bit.
Hot Lead, Cold Iron and Hallow Point (Mick Oberon 1-2) by Ari Marmell. Good mystery/urban fantasy series set in 1930s Chicago about private investigator (and member of the Fae) Mick Oberon. He tries to avoid mob-related jobs, but…
Let Some Word That Is Heard Be Yours by Alex Nall. Very good comic story about a teacher having a rough time who turns to Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood for calm and wisdom.
Mid-Century Portable Typewriters: Spotter’s Guide by Nick Bodemer. The book only has 13 typewriters in it. While there are many blank pages included for notes, fewer blank pages and more content/more typewriters would make this a much more useful reference.

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