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Reading Update (Brace yourselves – have I mentioned that I read really, really fast when I’m in a reading mood??! It’s safe to say I was in a reading mood this week.)
The Watercolor Sketchbook Kit by Curtis Tappenden. I only have the book part of the kit ($1.49US at a thrift store), but it was an enjoyable overview of watercolor basics. You’d best look elsewhere if you want something that goes into detail.
Memory Zero, Generation 18, and Penumbra (Spook Squad 1-3) by Keri Arthur. Decent paranormal fantasy trilogy about a police officer who doesn’t remember anything about her life before age 14. Then everything in her life is turned upside down when it suddenly seems as if nearly everyone is out to get her. Delightfully free of sex (but not sexual tension), I wish things had been tied up a little more at the end of the third book. (The books were originally released in 2004/5, then rereleased with new covers a decade later.)
Detective Stories and Cry Wolf (Rivers of London 4-5) by Ben Aaronovitch. Good additions to the series – and I really appreciate the timeline in the back of these that shows you where each of the graphic novels fits with the other books.
Dirty Magic, Cursed Moon, Deadly Spells, and Fire Water (Prospero’s War 1-3, 0.5) by Jaye Wells. Good series about a cop who, as teenager, walked away from her life as the heir to a branch of the magical equivalent of the mob. She’s sworn off magic, but her fellow (non-magical) officers don’t really trust her. And then she gets a chance to work with the MEA – the federal Magical Enforcement Agency.
The Brimstone Deception, The Ghoul Vendetta, and The Myth Manifestation (SPI Files 3-5) by Lisa Shearin. Pretty good paranormal romance series about a Southern seer who works as an agent for Supernatural Protection and Investigation in New York City. Her boss is a vampire, his boss is a dragon, and her wanna be boyfriend is a goblin dark mage.

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  1. This is first morning in so long I have taken the time to read blogs – and I have missed Linkity! What a summer. I’m ready for the Bloody Mary Scones hold the scone…

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