Happy Halloween!

KitKatKnit is having a contest – ‘fess up to who your TVBF (TV Boyfriend) is by 10 pm Sunday, November 5. The randomly selected winner will receive a fiber-related prize. (I know CarrieK is laughing hysterically ‘cos she knows I can’t enter this contest – I don’t watch TV.)

Aija is having a very interesting contest that involves contributing to the world’s longest poem – check out the details on her blog for how to play. The prize will be sock yarn (in honor of Socktoberfest) and the contest runs through early afternoon on Friday, November 10.

There are still some spaces open in the Knitters Coffee Swap! Sign up now, because it’s limited to 50 participants. Thanks to Knittymama for coming up with such a fun swap idea!

If you had fun with the Knit Sock Kit Swap, Scout and Bev are having a Knit Mitt Kit Swap! You can sign up from now until November 3.

I’m looking forward to seeing the knitted items that you use a lot. Carole commented yesterday that she probably uses her handknitted socks the most. I probably do, too, but I got particularly intrigued by the other knitted items that I used a lot. Your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

You know what I hate about “falling back” to Central Standard Time in the Fall? Well, besides how early it gets dark, that is. It’s the cats, thinking that I’m inflicting cruel and unusal punishment on them by feeding them an hour late. Usually they start whining an hour before feeding time (well, Chaos does – May fusses a little and then goes off on Important Kitten Business). So after we switch from daylight to standard time, I get two hours of dedicated whining…

How are you celebrating Halloween? I’m going to a neighborhood block party with some friends and their baby. Maybe I’ll actually put on my pseudo costume… How could I resist these el-cheapo black cat ears from Target?! (I am so not wearing the tail.) The black cat candy dish might’ve wandered home from Target, too. I don’t know where that other black cat came from! 😉

“Hmmm… there’s mischief afoot and I’d hate to miss it! Where there’s mischief… there’s Mayhem.”

Chaos and Mayhem wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!

“Please go trick or treating for tuna and send it to us. Thank you.”

42 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I’m going as a stay-at-home-mom-part-time-yarn-store-worker-wife. You’ll recognize me by the anxious look on my face as I worry over the small details of pulling off the “Dancing with the Stars” costume for the 10-year old! Byt hey – you have a great time looking like a sassy black kitty at your party!!

  2. I prefer to pick my “wake up and feed me” whine-times randomly. That way, she goes extra-crazy trying to figure out why I’m being so annoying.

    Oh, and when other people come over, I pull the “I’m starving to death and no one ever feeds me ever” meow. I usually get treats because they’re all suckers.

  3. OMG! I know what you mean about the cats. My cats usually get tuna in the morning around 5:30am, so on Sunday they started tearing apart the bedroom at 4:30 trying to get us out of bed. And I mean the TORE THE PLACE APART! Knocking things off every surface in the room, scrating walls, meowing. It worked, we got up.

  4. It was only a matter of time before the coffee drinkers had their swap like the tea drinkers had!

    And no . . . I don’t “do” Halloween–even when I’m healthy!

  5. We’re going trick-or-treating tonight, thankfully I finished both kids’ costumes in time (I finished Arlo’s mere minutes before midnight last night).

    On the time change – we’ve been getting up at 6:30 every day this week, which isn’t so bad given that we were getting up at 7:30 before. But I’ve been staying up until 11 or midnight as usual, which is like staying up till 12 or 1. If I could bring myself to go to bed earlier…

  6. We are having a similar problem with Emma and the time change, only she has a sensitive digestive system so we’re having to slowly move her feeding time otherwise we get messes to clean up! 🙁

    Enjoy your party this evening!

  7. I wonder what the neighbours would think if I went around asking for tuna.

    I’m not going to, though (sorry, cats) – I have too much homework to get done.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. I sort of intended to get something costume-y at Target yesterday but I forgot. So I’ll be going to my temp job at the library as a CPA-turned-librarian. Actually, now that I think about it, I WILL have a sort-of costume — got new contacts yesterday, so I’ll be glasses-less but with reading glasses on a string round the neck. All I need is a green eyeshade to complete the look!

    You: wear the tail. But you can wear it wherever you want — around your neck, hanging from your pocket, whatever. And definitely add the painted nose and whiskers!

  9. I am having the same problem with my cats. Dinner is at 7. They start begging at 5. Yowling, howling, constant meowing. They are driving me up the wall. Not. Kidding.

  10. Oh, the dachshund troop did not adjust peacefully to Daylight Savings Time either. When I got home on Monday, they were all almost hysterical……….”where have you been,” and “where’s our dinner?” I think I heard Bella call me a “bitch”, but I’m not sure….

  11. Too funny – Chaos & Mayhems’ Mom is dressing up as Head Cat Mom…please protect your sweet babies tonight…I always worry about the black kitties on Halloween. My vet (who has kittens for adoption up front at the clinic) puts the black ones in the back for up to 2 weeks around Halloween and will ONLY adopt if she knows the people REALLY well…
    I’m wearing my Quacker Factory Black cat sweater (I think it’s Chaos & Mayhem look-alikes popping out of jack-o-lanterns on front and back!)
    Happy Halloween!

  12. Happy Halloween, kitties!
    My dog does the same thing at DST. She gives me the puppy eyes, licks her lips and whines. It’s annoying, but doesn’t last long. I love how our pets think we’re torturing them:b

  13. Awesome kitty picture! We’re hanging out in the front room waiting on more trick or treaters and watching Sally and Willow pop in and out of the new dresser drawers. Cats+Furniture==Entertainment!

    Have fun at the party!

  14. Hurray! You fixed it 😉

    LOVE the photo of Chaos and Mayhem. She is so cool and the perfect addition to Chaos who seems, ahem, extremely relaxed….

    Aren’t black cats the perfect Halloween accessory too!

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