Let’s do the Time Warp again!

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A little while ago, I showed you all a vintage pattern booklet with a very strange cover and promised more pictures from it. Well, as I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for more details, here goes.Really, all I can say is that the booklet must have been underwritten by Coca-Cola. True, the back cover doesn’t have as many bottles of Coca-Cola on hand as the front did, but…

While the front and back covers are quite summery, the rest of the booklet is fall/winter. And there’s just something about this guy… Smarmy?! Is he trying to look down her sweater or something? That’s really not possible with the necklines in this booklet! And don’t miss the cigarette in his left hand…

I actually kinda like this sweater… but this guy is killing me! “Yeah, baby, I’m hot hot hot.” Blech!

Again with trying to look down her sweater. Sheesh!

And again… that silver ring of his shows up on multiple pictures on different fingers.

I do appreciate that the female models seem to have normal bodies and aren’t as scary thin as some of the models in these vintage books.

But this guy?! He’s always there… even in the background… Is she trying to still her beating heart, or is she just glad he’s not lurking over her shoulder?

“Is it safe to look yet?!”