Let’s do the Time Warp again!

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A little while ago, I showed you all a vintage pattern booklet with a very strange cover and promised more pictures from it. Well, as I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for more details, here goes.Really, all I can say is that the booklet must have been underwritten by Coca-Cola. True, the back cover doesn’t have as many bottles of Coca-Cola on hand as the front did, but…

While the front and back covers are quite summery, the rest of the booklet is fall/winter. And there’s just something about this guy… Smarmy?! Is he trying to look down her sweater or something? That’s really not possible with the necklines in this booklet! And don’t miss the cigarette in his left hand…

I actually kinda like this sweater… but this guy is killing me! “Yeah, baby, I’m hot hot hot.” Blech!

Again with trying to look down her sweater. Sheesh!

And again… that silver ring of his shows up on multiple pictures on different fingers.

I do appreciate that the female models seem to have normal bodies and aren’t as scary thin as some of the models in these vintage books.

But this guy?! He’s always there… even in the background… Is she trying to still her beating heart, or is she just glad he’s not lurking over her shoulder?

“Is it safe to look yet?!”

44 thoughts on “Let’s do the Time Warp again!”

  1. Poor Baby May…she looks stunned.

    That guy does look like a player! You just know he’s hitting on the female model after the shoot. Nice shot of the smoke in his hand in one of the first pictures too!

  2. Oh my god! Those are just too classic. I think the last woman is ready to use her ski pole as a weapon against the creep!

    Ahhh…May gave us lovey eyes! So cute!

  3. What a letch he is…blech-yuck.
    Hey! Those gigantic sunglasses are a lot better for protecting your vision than the teensy tiny ones nowadays! Fashion isn’t always healthy – as the cig in his hand testifies to!
    May’s just such a pretty little baby…

  4. I actually like the green sweater he has on in the first pic. What’s with the water? Was there a flood? Did they move the benches and tables into a small lake? Strange photo shoot.

  5. The water is so strange. I personally don’t mix wading and knitting objects. Water Logged!! I think they should have carried the water theme over to the winter pictures. Use the same set up, but have the people’s legs frozen in the water.

  6. Wow… he’s kinda scary looking isn’t he? He’s that creepy guy in the bar that hits on every female that walks in, knows all the waitresses and bar-tenders and when the news of his violent killing spree comes out everyone says he “seemed so normal… little weird maybe…”

    Be afraid May! Be Very afraid!

  7. Blast from the past…that guy looks just like my exhusband…we met working at a ski resort. LOL Of course I looked much better than that, we had snowboarder chic instead of those dorky head scarves. πŸ˜‰

  8. Those are some scary scary ski goggle/sunglasses. Nothing like looking at life through pee yellow lenses.
    Hey, did you get my email yesterday about my contest?

  9. OH I just love the vintage. Mayhem, it’s okay, all these people are like in their 80’s or 90’s now and probably no longer swarmy, although one never knows.

  10. That guy is definately some kind of knit stalker! Ski lady, ski away as fast as you can – considering the drag that your enormous hairdo is going to create.

    That guy thinks he’s way too sexy for his sweater. Yuck!

  11. My mom’s shelves are packed with books like that one. It’s hard to go back and look at them to see if there are some good patterns. They’re kinda scary!

  12. You know what kills me???? The title of the magazine… in Dutch it means a woman who spins, but in German it would mean Crazy Woman!!!!
    That guy is mega creepy… Guess May’s thinking so too πŸ™‚

    Cheers Eva – who’s missing her Piston Kitty a lot…

  13. You know, I like standing in knee-deep water wearing full-length pants. It’s great!! Are those supposed to be ski sweaters or something? They all look the same. This book definately goes under the heading “what were they thinking?”

  14. The guy is definitely creepy. What’s with standing around in the water wearing sweater and drinking cokes.

    May is so cute. It looks like she’s starting to fill out.

  15. ROTFLMAO! You crack me up – and that guy makes me think of “the neighbors husband that spends too much time paying attention to his neighbor’s wives” – the one you don’t want to get to close to at a party.

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