Linkity wishes you a brave new year


Think, Make, Do, Learn


Gluten Free

Artsy Crafty


Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
An Open Spook (Haunted Guesthouse #4.5) by EJ Copperman. This one’s from the POV of Alison’s mom.
The Thrill of the Haunt (Haunted Guesthouse #5) and Inspector Specter (Haunted Guesthouse #6) by EJ Copperman. Less than a week later and I remember nothing about these. 😀
Ghost in the Wind (Haunted Guesthouse #7) by EJ Copperman. DNF because second-hand embarrassment.

“What? Obviously it’s a new cat bed!” -Mayhem

9 thoughts on “Linkity wishes you a brave new year”

  1. Chris- I was thinking about Lego the other day. They sell it in sets so that you put it together according to the instructions. It used to be that you had a pile of bricks and you would build something out of your imagination.

    It’s for adults, I think.
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