In which I try to catch up on thank yous

Limedragon is having a contest to celebrate her new WordPress blog. Simply leave a comment by Saturday, October 21, and you could win a lovely skein of All Things Heather sock yarn!

For anyone who tried to comment yesterday and got a weird error – sorry! I was trying a new antispam plugin that was a wee bit too aggressive. Didn’t get any spam, though! But I’d rather hear from y’all and am willing to delete a bit of spam to do so. 🙂

In the midst of all this doing absolutely nothing on my vacation (which has been extremely relaxing), I’ve gotten frightfully behind in thank yous. Whoops…

First, V of Spells with… sent me a wonderful package with a cool postcard, chocolate (with espresso beans in it – yum), and something for the kitties. Here’s what V wrote to Chaos and May on the card:

To the kitties: Meet Catharsis, the Catnip Cat (Agent Triple C, but you can call her Cathy for short). If you’re ever mad at your brother/sister, Cathy is here to help. Mom won’t like it if you chew each other’s tail off, so stick with Cathy in those moments!

True enough – thanks, V! Here’s May checking out the card, while Chaos hops off the coffee table, in pursuit of Cathy. (Guess Chaos had been storing up some anger, there.)

“It’s too bad these aren’t real people, because they’re small enough for me to eat.” – May
“Nip!!!” – Chaos

Isn’t Cathy adorable?? You’ll just have to imagine how cute it was when Chaos was rubbing her all over his face, since my camera battery died.

Moving right along, I got a monster skein of sportweight cotton from Becky of Moonfrog for being one of her contest winners. Thanks, Becky!

“Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty – but where’s the nip?!”

I also won Kate’s Look Back and Cringe contest. Kate sent an increases/decreases KnitKard, a really cute knitting card, some gorgeous Mountain Colors sock yarn, cute little stitchmarkers, some nice pepperminty soap, a black sheep tape measure (I really wanted one of these and almost bought one on the yarn crawl!), and colored pencils (mmm, school supplies in the fall – excellent!). Thanks, Kate!

“I bet these are cat toys.”

Sorry, May, those stitchmarkers are not cat toys. Kate apologized for not including anything for the kitties, but little did she know that she had…

“Ok, I’ve seen how the Meezer plays with her tearstrip, May, so please focus. Concentrate! You can do this, May!”

32 thoughts on “In which I try to catch up on thank yous”

  1. Catnip Cathy is so cute and, I maintain that vacations shouldn’t involve any plans cause other wise they’d be planned-cations…vac=vacant=nothingness=I don’t know where I’m going with this…hmmm….Happy tuesday!

  2. I agree, spending quality time with yourself is sometimes the best vacation of them all.

    Catnip Cathy – she’s so cute! And she’d last about, oh, say 15 minutes at my place!


  3. Heehee…you and the kitties are very welcome. 🙂 Does she still have a tail?

    That’s a nice box of loot there at the bottom! Oooo….aaaah….mountain colors!!!

  4. Hey Chris- What do you mean you didn’t do anything? Doesn’t watching Chao’s butt hair grow back count?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Cute Kitty toy!

  5. *sigh* visiting your site is bad for me, I always have this urge to adopt another kitty into my life. Hubby would not like, daughter who is allergic would love, but would sniffle all day.

  6. Bummer! I would have liked to that pic of Chaos but the catnip doesn’t seem to be very strong since he doesn’t look as zombified as I know he can.

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