Art Journaling Monday!

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! 🙂

*has regrets* -Chaos

“Now what, big kitty??? Are you going to fall???” -Mayhem

I had my old icky air conditioner replaced recently. Unfortunately, the new one is a bit larger and doesn’t fit into the “bar” cabinet that hid the old one when it wasn’t in use (partially on left in this photo) and provided a place for the cats to nap and sit on. Chaos was particularly fond of sitting on it (at slightly above my eye level when I’m sitting on my chaise) and staring at me as he willed me to feed him early. The top of the new air conditioner doesn’t have space for a cat to sit – and barely space for a cat to walk – as Chaos is discovering in this photo while May looks on with interest. (I’m getting a replacement cabinet made, but it will be a month or so.)