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Reading Update
Artful Adventures in Mixed Media: Techniques Inspired by Observation and Experience by Nathalie Kalbach. Very good look at different places to find inspiration and how to turn that inspiration into mixed media pieces or art journal entries. There were definitely a couple of new-to-me techniques I’m going to have to try.

“I can’t believe you didn’t feed me all the treats to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, Mom!!” -Chaos

9 thoughts on “Linkity didn’t think it was possible to be more appalled, and yet…”

  1. I only recently figured out from context that draught is draft. Still pronounce it drawt in my head, though. And I left Smokey behind in a TN McDonalds once. Didn’t know he was missing until a Kentucky state trooper pulled me over 90 miles later. (Maybe I should blog that story?)

  2. I knew about draught/draft. Mostly because of Harry Potter — I’d read the paper books and listened to the audio books, and noticed the difference then.

    I’m planning on a pinhole camera, too. I’ll only see a partial eclipse, but it should still be neat. (Well, a pinhole camera and the livestream.)

    About the literature summaries: I like Magic Realism (“… someone married a tiger”) and Modernist (“out with the old, in with the ironic”) the best. Se fun. Though Middle English (“the only good and righteous thing is ale”) is awesome too.

    I’m not near any Confederate monuments, but there are municipalities and schools with Confederate connections pretty close (the closest is 90 miles) which I had no idea about. O.o

    A Cheetos cookbook? No. Just no.
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  3. the animated reality sequences make me feel deeply uncomfortable for reasons I have not yet unpicked. Also I feel the need to buy several yards of journal fabric for which I have no plans, yet wish to own anyway.

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