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Once again, on-call stuff ate into my linkity making time. So! Here’s what I got.

Reading Update
Freehand: Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn from Art by Helen Birch. Good overview of a wide array of artistic tidbits, such as “Suggesting Time”, “Negative Space”, “Damp Ground”, “Aerial Gaze”, “Complementary Colors”, etc. Feels more scattershot than I was expecting for some reason.

“I’m hiding! You can’t see me, Mom! So stop pretending you can.” -Mayhem

8 thoughts on “Linkity zooms by”

  1. Gorgeous cock photo! I cannot wait to visit the sculpture park myself. and thank you for the linky!

  2. 1. I chose Lolita as my book group read a few years back. Almost no one read it nor came to the discussion (a very unusual response). Personally, I found it hilarious that the sexual predator kidnaps his *girl* and she turns out to be as annoying as a teenage girl can be.
    2. My representatives (federal and state) would all be appalled at a $15 minimum wage. I covet your rep.
    3. I would name the blue crayon Greek Blue (a pedant joke — the ancient Greeks had no word for blue).
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  3. Just caught up on the last 2 linkities. Evidently blue cocks are becoming all the rage there.

  4. Love, love, LOVE Neil Gaiman.

    That novel writing list is quite thorough. I’ll have to save it to read in detail later.

    My state’s (CA) minimum wage isn’t scheduled to hit $15 until 2022. Sigh. But several of the cities/counties in my local area (the SF Bay Area) have increased the local minimum wage beyond the state minimum, so that’s better at least. Still. It sounds like your rep is in touch with the local population (and not just the rich part).

    And can I just say “eeeww”? I didn’t like s’mores to begin with. Adding pop rocks doesn’t make it better.

  5. I’m finally catching up with blogs et al that I want to read. The rest I have declared bankruptcy and started over. Thanks for some good reading as always. Feel better. Rest.
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