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Reading Update
Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age by Sarah Hendrickx. Excellent overview that highlights exactly how little research there has been about women on the spectrum, particularly older women. Recommended.
Tinker (Elfhome #1) by Wen Spencer. Any book I read in a single sitting tends to get top marks from me. This book reminded me a lot of the Bordertown books, with a bit of quantum mechanics and scifi tossed in.

*exerting kitty mind control cuteness powers whilst looking vaguely worried* -Mayhem

9 thoughts on “Linkity is ready for spring…”

  1. Worried but cute!

    And… not fair… we only get peanut, “normal” or crispy M&M’s…. I want all the other flavours.. and definitely cheesecake!

    actually… dammit… I really just want cheesecake…

  2. I don’t have that many cats (just one, who is plenty for me to handle) but I want the cat stickers for my car, too!

    Neat felt dragons. I’ve seen needle-felted ones before, but those look like they’re made of felt pieces assembled into a dragon.

    I love the R2D2 Little Free Library!

    I haven’t seen the movie Passengers yet, but now I’m curious to see it.

    And I love the history of Disney animation thing. (The one thing the description about the video failed to mention which I think is important, though, is that for The Princess and the Frog (2009) they went back to traditional, hand-drawn animation. It’s neat to compare that in among all the other CG animation.)
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