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Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks by Ken Jennings. I found this in a Little Free Library in my neighborhood! 🙂 This was an extremely enjoyable look at many things map-related, from the National Geographic Bee to geocaching to Google Earth to maps in fantasy novels (Brandon Sanderson fans take note, as Sanderson and Jennings were college roommates). Jennings’ writing is filled with delightful footnotes and irresistible tidbits of information and at times definitely reminded me of the writing of Bill Bryson.

May was also traumatized by the same storm that traumatized Chaos. Or she’s having an existential crisis. It’s hard to tell from that expression.

9 thoughts on “A linkity for the ages!”

  1. Oregon Trail the card game, huh? Wow. Oh – on a related note, have you heard of the (parody) video game Organ Trail? It’s similar to Oregon Trail, except it’s modern day and instead of hunting for buffalo you’re shooting zombies. Highly amusing.

    And I never would have thought of a deviled egg for one, but now I’ll think of it every time I have one sad leftover hard-boiled egg in my fridge. Thanks a lot. 😉
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