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Reading Update
Book + Art: Handcrafting Artists’ Books by Dorothy Simpson Krause. Lovely look at creating books as art objects – the author has an amazing body of work, although I was definitely ready for a break from earth tones by the end. She covers a wide array of topics beyond book making and binding, from making a gelatin sheet to print from (look online for a recipe that is shelf-stable instead) to making a collapsible piercing cradle (the secret to getting your sewing holes straight through your signatures).

“It’s not very nice to sit on me, big kitty.” -Mayhem

“Like I care.” -Chaos

8 thoughts on “Linkity is cautiously optimistic about spring”

  1. I was reading a few days ago about the film prop Loch Ness Monster being found and thought about about telling you, but you heard about it anyway! 😀

    Those fantasy tweets made me laugh out loud!

  2. RE: Spring – Well I mowed the lawn tonight for the first time this spring. It’s still kinda crappy in spots in the back yard that haven’t gotten much sun yet and was FULL of sticks from all the wind storms and heavy snows starting at the end of February. On the other hand, two years ago today we got 2 inches of snow and it took me three hours to get into the city – barely made my 10 a.m. meeting – so I’ll take this as a HUGE win.

    Romona the Pest was my favorite Beverly Cleary book. I MAY even still have my copy over at my mom’s someplace 🙂

    I really would have loved to see that Death Valley Super bloom in person.

    I could go for all of the Asparagus recipes except for pickled. Not a fan of pickled anything except cucumbers. I think I’d also enjoy those apricot newtons 😉

    The White House science fair and the prez video is hilarious. Those little girls telling him it’s a prototype killed!

    I’m sorry, but poutine has always and will always be disgusting. Even in the shape of Lord Stanley’s cup. Lived quite a while in Canada. Just. No.

  3. Limerick about plums: fabulous.
    Pocket extenders: genius. (I just threw a pair of perfectly good black pants into the Goodwill box b/c the pockets are dangerous for my phone. It falls out. Gott retrieve those pants.)
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