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Reading Update
The Decorated Journal: Creating Beautifully Expressive Journal Pages by Gwen Diehn. Very good book about art journaling, covering everything from choosing materials and blank books to types of journals people keep to prompts and journaling ideas to instructions for binding your own journals. Recommended. I got this from the library, but a used copy of my very own is already on its way from Thrift Books. 🙂
The Decorated Page: Journals, Scrapbooks and Albums Made Simply Beautiful by Gwen Diehn. I didn’t think this was quite as good as her later book, The Decorated Journal: Creating Beautifully Expressive Journal Pages, but I still liked it enough to order a copy through Thrift Books. I felt that this book really showed the scrapbooking roots of art journaling and, in fact, at the time (2002), the term “art journaling” doesn’t seem to have been in use, based on Diehn’s discussion about what such illustrated journals should be called.

*dorking out* -Chaos

6 thoughts on “Linkity is never ready for the start of Daylight Savings Time”

  1. I recognized a number of those South African street views. And now I have three different oddball lighting appliances on my Amazon wish list.

  2. You know for the longest time when reading American novels where characters put a bandage on themselves or each other I thought a serious injury had happened and was puzzled when it wasn’t mentioned again. Over here we call them plasters. 🙂

    I love that glass-nibbed fountain pen.

  3. Ha. I probably do own 16 bras, if you include ones I almost never wear (strapless, halter, etc) and sports bras. Mostly because I can’t find the kind I like anymore (fabric cups, not molded cups), so I’m clinging to the ragged remnants of the ones I still own.

    Yes, I probably would buy the Darth Vader toothpick holder.

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