My poor Chaos Kitty…

Ginger is having a “how many socks would a woodchuck knit if a woodchuck could knit socks” contest – for contest details and to submit your answer, drop by her blog before midnight Pacific Time on September 30. You could win sock yarn!

Two contesty sorts of things that don’t have prizes but are fun anyway:

  1. Tink is having a contest to choose her new blog look.
  2. Crazy Aunt Purl wants to see people’s knitting spots. Since we all took pictures to show Scout the same thing, this should be easy!

I won Kate’s “Look Back and Cringe” contest! All hail the random number generator.

My poor Chaos Kitty. Let’s just say that there were issues (fortunately not having to do with eating something inappropriate), that involved his butt getting shaved and devolving from there… He’s taking antibiotic liquid and we have antiobiotic ointment to apply, so hopefully he heals quickly – especially his wounded dignity!

Send him your healthy thoughts, please. Thank you.

“I don’t feel very good, Mom….”