Make art journal pages, not Misadventures

No Misadventures today because art journaling yesterday instead. 🙂

All pages posted from my “Art as Journal” class journal.

These are marker and colored pencil.

The color wheels are from a Kaleidoscopia coloring book, colored in with colored pencils by me. The other writing is unusual words for colors (using gel pen).

The last page and inner back cover.

The assignment for this page was “Connections”. Sharpie and watercolor, with some washi tape in the margins.

The inner back cover. The top picture is ballpoint pen doodles of my name. The bottom is some stamped books and colored pencil. Quotes are strewn hither and thither. 🙂

And here’s the outer back cover. Very random! The quote on the tiny page of (stamped) paper says, “Everything in this book may be wrong.” (Richard Bach, from Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah)

“Really?! No naughty boys today?!? It’s an August miracle!!!” -Mayhem

5 thoughts on “Make art journal pages, not Misadventures”

  1. It must not be too crazy hot if kitties are still sane.
    The journal look great. I love learning about color and how to make color work in ways that accomplish what we have in mind.
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  2. So many bright colors! Lovely. That quote is awesome. Can you imagine that as the last line in a book? May makes a most perfect closing to the post, though. 🙂

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