Finally Friday – whew!

Ok, I added this contest sort of late yesterday, so it will be a repeat for some of you: Cara is having a haiku contest – leave a haiku containing the word “sock” plus three other special words (listed in her post) in her comments before September 23, 11:59 pm EDT. Six winners will receive sock yarn and one of the coveted orange Chibis!

Duchess is having a ballband dishcloth contest. There are lots of ways to participate! Registration to participate closes September 27.

Julia is having a contest about your experiences knitting for men – part of the prize is Alice Starmore’s Sweaters for Men! Leave her a comment by 5 pm PST, September 25.

The final SRP standings are out! Congrats to Tiffany, who read the most by number of books and by number of pages. I came in third in number of books and fourth in number of pages. Big thanks to Kat for a fun summer contest/program!

Wednesday night, Deb and Jeanne came over to knit and meet Mayhem. Deb is so focused because she’s knitting Eunny’s new sock pattern, Bayerische. You should go over and see the amazing work Deb did on setting up the charts for herself – while having a migraine. Wow.

I’m not sure what Jeanne is focused on. Maybe wishing she was wearing her warm and toasty Lara? Anyway, check out the amazing sock yarn she dyed!

Edit: I was knitting my MagKnits pattern – hence no pictures!

Chaos hung out and kept an eye on all of us… although he seems to be taking a break in this picture.


For scale, here’s a picture of Mayhem in the same location:

“Rainy days and Fridays always get me down.”

Following tradition (since between the two of us, we’ve accumulated five kittens in the past three years!), Jeanne brought along a Kitten Warming Present:

“I don’t know May, are you sure pink is your color?”

Jeanne also brought along a Kitten Warming Loan (this toy is good until about nine months and then they lose interest):

“It keeps going round and round and round and… I feel woozy.”