WTF Wednesday – the Hat Edition

Ok, I’ve been reading about SocktoberFest everywhere and was thinking to myself, “Heh, last thing I need right now is another along to not complete!” But it turns out that SocktoberFest is another of Lolly’s wonderfully no-pressure alongs – simply knit socks in October. That’s it. No tricks. No gimmicks. Well, I can manage that – I always have a pair of socks in my purse. So I’m in!

It’s 39F here right now – brrrrr!!

Hopefully I’ll be taking Chaos to the vet in a little bit – let’s just say that his digestion has been, um, messy, for the past day and I’m a bit worried. So, to distract all of us, I present the Hat Edition of WTF Wednesday.

Of course, even if he’s not feeling up to snuff, Chaos had to get in on the photo action (butt on left) – so did May (paws on bottom).

But I’d hate for y’all to miss out on a good picture of those hats, so here they are again in all-too-vivid color:

Apologies in advance for any nightmares you might have as a result of that picture… In this next picture, do you think she’s saluting? Or about to cover her eyes to escape the horror? (Or is she a he??)

This picture reminds me of something or someone, but I’m drawing a blank. Twiggy maybe?

Crocheted bobbles in lovely 1970s colors, anyone?!

Alas, I don’t think these pictures cheered Chaos up.

“Is it time to go to the vet yet, Mom?”

Even Mayhem looks concerned…

“He’s going to be ok, right Mom? I know he’s kind of crabby, but he’s fun to tease!”

66 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – the Hat Edition”

  1. Dude. Where do you find these things?!

    Bummer about Chaos! The Little Dudes say – Kitty Dude, don’t you know when you’re sick you go to that crummy place? But, they send kitty head butts and a “get well soon” smooch too!

  2. I don’t think that model is Twiggy, although there is a striking resemblance. Actually, I think ALL the models looked like that back in the day.

    Ear and chin scritches to the kitties.

  3. Ooh, look at May’s perky ears! Cute. : )

    The hats? Not so cute. I admit to having (impure?) thoughts about knitting a balaclava for a holiday gift…

    Here’s to a non-stressful visit with the vet.

  4. Yeah, you can even do sock wars and still be doing socktoberfest. I love the idea of a beer and a sock for each day it and had to go get a button right away. I wonder if I can get 31 pairs of socks on 31 needles. Not likely.

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