Jeanne got a picture of me taking a picture of her the other night. Am I glad she just had her camera phone! You’re going to go look at that picture, and all you’re going to have to say about it is “my, what large hands you have there, Chris.”

Bamboozelle is blocking as I type:

Yup, that would be a square Rubbermaid container under there – 680 ml, if you’re particularly curious.

Chaos didn’t particularly care that I finished knitting Bamboozelle:

“Heh. You read the finishing directions yet? Heh. Come back and talk to me when you get through that bit. And where’s the i-cord, eh?”

He was much more interested in tracking down his lost fetch toys:

“I’m sure it ricocheted off my paw into here, but I just…can’t…quite…reach…”

My coworker Rose gave me a very funny book for Christmas: How to Live with a Neurotic Cat. Hmm… wonder what gave her the idea…

Why, yes, that is me reflected in the background (remember the giant living room mirror?).

13 thoughts on “Bambooblock”

  1. Thanks!

    Theresa – Heck, lots of time until the 26th! I only have until mid-day on the 24th to accomplish the fairly fussy finishing, involving cork/interfacing/canvas, lining fabric, sewing on i-cord…

  2. I have given up on the Christmas knitting. They can have the items for Easter or something. Blergh. Now off to work to frantically finish stupid non-knitting stuff.

    P.S – Chaos is so much like my beloved (crushingly missed) Beezel he makes my heart hurt – he is beautiful!

  3. sweet pictures of chaos. i love the disinterested look on his face.

    your bamboozlle looks good too… sweet colour.

    please visit the afghanistanisia exhibit at my site.

    that is all.

  4. Oh, Kellie – 🙁
    I would so miss the Kitty Chaotic…

    Do you feel free having given up on the Christmas knitting? Is anyone getting a box of yarn and a pattern?

    “me” – Thanks! Nice job on afghanistanisia! I am in awe of people who can crochet. I am crochet impaired…

  5. Yeah, like what the hell would compel you to climb up on the back of a chair with a paper bag on your head?! I don’t care if you’re human or feline – it mystifies me.

  6. Question, inspired by recent discussion on knitting list:

    Do you feel that your pic of your Bamboozle makes the yarn look more shiny and the color brighter than it is ‘in real life’?


  7. Eileen – Probably so – the flash did interesting things to it. SWTC Bamboo “Fiery Red” is an extremely intense red, a bit deeper than shows in the picture.

    Out of curiosity, which knitting list?

  8. Again, must mention that Chaos is fabulous. :o) And so is the basket! I may have to get me some Bamboo…um, later…like, maybe 2007 when I use about 1/10 the yarn I already own. People need to JUST STOP writing patterns I like until I get caught up!!

  9. Kirsten – I was able to rationalize buying the bamboo yarn because it was for a gift. But I hear ya – my pattern stash is starting to rival my yarn stash – and that’s just scary.

  10. Can’t remember which list, but by the mailbox it was in, it had to be either the TCSnB or the Clapotis knitalong. Furthermore (doing an amazing Sherlockian feat of logic, here) since you are on the TCSnB, it must have been the Clapotis knitalong. So I guess I *do* remember! Go figure…


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