Apparently linkity thought everything was cool this week

Congrats to Kate and Azure, who won Oren’s Right (2nd ed) by Blaine D Arden!

Congrats to Avalie, who won Memories (2nd ed) by Valentina Heart! Memories was released by Less Than Three Press on June 3.

Congrats to laurie, who won Enforcing Emory by Mickie B Ashling!

Congrats to Luci, who won Love Found on Lindisfarne by JL Merrow! Love Found on Lindisfarne will be released on June 7 by JMS Books.


Think, Make, Learn, Do


Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • *whistling*

“Birds!!! I see birds!!!!!!” -Mayhem

9 thoughts on “Apparently linkity thought everything was cool this week”

  1. If they weren’t so greedy and didn’t have them playing ice hockey in the summer, maybe more people would watch. Drives me crazy how all these seasons get longer and longer. Not seasonal any more.
    And the stock photo of the woman ‘knitting’ in the article on crafting and the brain cracked me up. This linkity will take all week! Have a good weekend. And I’m rooting for the Blackhawks, of course.
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  2. Those penguins! The sound they make was soothing somehow, but I can’t help wondering if they would be a little bit creepy.

    The time lapse videos were lovely.

  3. Well, I am now an official leopard-panther distinguisher. Thanks for that 🙂 And knitting is good for the brain and the happiness? Well, duh, we all knew that.

    I thought that Supreme Court decision sucked, too, when I first read about it.

  4. I am definitely making the strawberry apricot crumble this summer. Loved the calligraphy.
    thanks again.

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