Of time changes and migraines, falalalala

No Misadventure today as I was migrainey and then post-migrainey (having goo-brain) yesterday during my Misadventure writing time. May everyone who “sprang forward” over the weekend to Daylight Savings Time survive the experience! 🙂

“Do I hear…birds?!” -Mayhem

Suddenly we’re having temps in the 40s – 60s (above zero even!), so yes, May, those are indeed birds you hear!

11 thoughts on “Of time changes and migraines, falalalala”

  1. Ugh! Have been sick for days myself. Hope you’re feeling better. Stupid Daylights Savings. The powers that be need to watch John Oliver 😉

  2. Hope you’re okay now.

    Our clocks don’t change till the end of the month but the days are really stretching now. I love this time of year!

  3. Sorry to read about your migraine, hope you’re over the Daylight Savings hump and feeling better.
    Yay for those 40s and 60s temps in your area.

  4. Heh heh – the cable in the background makes it look as tho’ May has just swivelled her head around at great speed 😀 !

  5. Chris, I recomend you a lot to consume spirulina (a microalga and well known as a superfood) every day, this heals the migraines and it has a lot of advantages.

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