Another Misadventuring fail! Happy (US) Thanksgiving in advance! :)

Congrats to Melandra, who won Out of Time by Clare London!

Congrats to Ardent Ereader, who won Making It Pay by JL Merrow!

I’m feeling better than I did last week – thanks to everyone for their well wishes on Friday. 🙂 Unfortunately, I definitely wasn’t feeling sufficiently creative for a Misadventure yesterday. How about an interesting cat picture instead? *looks hopeful*

It probably needs a little explanation. Apparently Chaos had some residual anxiety about me being in pain Wednesday night, then gone, then coming back smelling like the vet hospital. On Thursday, when I was taking a shower, Chaos dragged his favorite fleecy blanket into the bathroom from the kitty room – apparently he needed to be both near me and comfortable/comforted. (The pillow and IKEA big blue bag just got caught in transit through the kitty room – there’s a misplaced kitty scratcher just out of frame, too.)

“Look at how innocent I am! I am so innocent!” -Mayhem

“I regret nothing.” -Chaos