The work, it be killing me this week…

…but! I am employed! I mostly enjoy my job and my coworkers! Right?

Author Barbara Bretton is giving away some more yarn – enter before Sunday evening if you’re interested.

Make sure you stop by moderncat today and poke around through the posts from this past week – it was Toy Week and they’ve had lots of bonus giveaways of intriguing kitty toys. (Speaking of toys… beware!)

Read an Ebook Week is almost over, so you’d better hurry up if you’re interested in the ebooks that were free and/or discounted for the week!

Do you read TECHKnitting? I recommend it. The latest post has some great tips for the ordinary chain bind off on circular knits.

Brace yourselves – this is painfully, painfully cute. And isn’t “floofy” the perfect description? Black cat overload!

How to take pinhole pictures with your digital camera.

Yet another clever litterbox hiding technique from ikea hacker.

Readability looks a nifty little tool to add to your browser’s bookmark bar – click on it, and it will reformat a website to make it more readable. Sounds very handy for sites with weird colors or too-small fonts, doesn’t it?

Aw – a tulip USB hub, if you’re feeling particularly spring-deprived.

This doesn’t surprise me – DST may have negative health consequences. As someone who’s definitely not getting enough sleep this week because of it…

Some nice pictures from downtown Minneapolis during last week’s big snowstorm – the last picture is from behind the Mary Tyler Moore statue.

“Neener neener, big kitty! This is my toy and you can’t play with it!” -Mayhem

“Oh yeah? Who wants to play with your silly pink feathers anyway?!!” -Chaos

Can you tell we’ve had lots of feline discord this week?! Maybe it was the full moon… Or DST starting. Or a disharmonic planetary alignment.

30 thoughts on “The work, it be killing me this week…”

  1. Some great links today (as usual!) hope the kitty harmony returns to a somewhat normalish level.

    and yes I have to agree with you, works – they may be crazy but we’re working! 🙂 (there was recently an announcement at my job that we’re only getting 1% raise. I was quite happy there was any raise AND that I still had a job. a few of my coworkers were grousing about it. They don’t have kitties to keep them in line apparently 😉 )

  2. My guys turn into weenies whenever there’s a full moon…

    Aren’t those itty bitty kitties just too much?? I can’t get enough of them!

    So. Hate. DST. I’m a tired mess! You’d think I’d been to Asia and back in week!

  3. We are definitely dragging our tails here. The first grade teacher told me yesterday that the kids (esp mine) have been all kinds of wired up all day long (hurrah for yesterday’s gym class). This explains the severe and powerful crash and burn phenomenon which has been occurring daily after school.

  4. Love the snowstorm photos. It has been a trying week here, too, and I am also quite happy that my teaching job is still set for spring quarter (unlike some others)!

  5. It is nice to have a job these days. I tend to have to remind myself of that too. You know for me I think DST has improved my sleeping. I was waking up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep until 5:30 and then over sleeping. Now when I wake up at 5:30 I just get up early. We’ll see if it lasts. I hope the discord disappears with the moon phase, it’s not very relaxing to have continuous cat fights.

  6. Count me as one who loves DST. I do wish they would just leave well enough alone, however. Everyone has a bad day now and again and that goes for felines and canines, too.

  7. I bought two of the books you recommended, “Flirting with Danger” and “Dark Lover”. They didn’t have the third. I’ll probably start the first on on Monday. I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks again for the suggestions!

  8. those photos of MSP are awesome. And I can’t believe that you guys have those cool snowblowers that they clean the sidewalks with. (but then again, given all the snow you get, its probably a necessity!)
    Feline discord abounds. I blame it on the full moon.

  9. Kitty cabin fever; it’s not pretty.
    I think M is having a hard time with the DST; he is sleeping badly, and he keeps waking me up! And the almond trees are in bloom out here. Very pretty, but the allergies are kicking my butt. I woke up with my eyes dry and goopy (and let’s not forget itchy!)at the same time–plus I am a sneezing machine. I wish anti-histamines didn’t give me migraines… Anyway, thanks for having a comment section for my little rant. I hope you have a good weekend!

  10. I think the animals are getting cabin fever – all sorts of weird things are going on at my house too. I hope that just a day or 2 of open windows will tame the wild masses.

  11. Whoo Hoo! Linkapalooza! I love those posts, it’s like a link buffet.

    I’m going to go with unharmonic planetary alignment that has sewn the seeds of discord amongst your kitties.

  12. Those tiny kitten paws! The innocent helpful looks! The cute! The cute!

    The links! Techknitting is fab and where has readability been all my (blogging) life?

    That DST study has got to be spot on. HATE DST. HAAAAAAAAAATE. Can’t get up, can’t fall asleep. Gah.

  13. I hatehatehate DST.

    And I saw my very FIRST snowplow this last December. Couldn’t figure out what the *%$# it was until somebody told me.

    How’s that for a Minnesota Disconnect? (I live in the middle of California. It has snowed TWICE in the 55 years I’ve been alive. We just stay in the house until it goes away — like, “Don’t look at it. Maybe it will leave!”

  14. My kitties always got spring fever ’round this time. Definitely be thankful for the job. One of our neighbors is losing their home this summer…

  15. Our work has been extra difficult this week too. I’m convinced it’s because of daylight savings time. The ferrets seem to like the time change. The rest of us are crabby.

    Nice photos of downtown Minneapolis!

  16. I didn’t even know about TEchKnitting, its going on my list.

    Love the kitty bib pictures, its been a while since the bib torture of cat series.


  17. Yes, it IS good to be employed! (but for me that means sometimes I don’t have time or energy to blog!)…. love the cat discord pics! I am generally not a fan of DST, but gotta say, being on the far eastern end of the timezone (and the northern most part of it), if it didn’t happen, in high summer, the sun would be uphere at 3 something AM! OK OK, maybe 4 something. What I want to know is why have I had dreams of trying to sleep in the sunlight? Where it is light all night long? I’ve never lived THAT far north!

  18. I love pictures of kitty tongues! Remind me to post one I have of Suzy. I already have Monday’s post ready, so it will be Tuesday at the earliest…

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