“Talk to the paw.”

We have our share of domestic discord around here. (Please excuse the poor photo quality.)

“You’re not the boss of me, big kitty!” -Mayhem

“Why, you…” -Chaos

“Talk to the paw, May, talk to the paw.” -Chaos

*hissss* -Mayhem

30 thoughts on ““Talk to the paw.””

  1. At least when kitties fight you can break it up with a loud clap or a squirt gun… neither of these methods works with children. I’ve tried.

  2. Looks like the beginnings of a martial arts smack-down. We have plenty of those around here – usually at bed time when the fighting for dad’s tummy space begins!

  3. Benny has a move we call “Kung Foo Fighting” that I have yet to catch on film or video but am dying to. He saves it up for Harley and does it with no provocation or reason – lucky for Harley, Benny is front claw free. (Possibly lucky for Benny).

    I even have a song for the move πŸ˜‰

  4. haha, i love the little cat look. my zig did this all the time with Mr. E (who was friggin’ huge) they get all ready to pounce, but they just don’t because they know the big kitty will bring it

  5. Even the most devoted of siblings — that would be Hannibal and En Esch — feel the need to wrestle daily. Then they snuggle up together and do a little mutual bathing and all is calm… until the next bout.

  6. Yeah, that looks awfully familiar! πŸ™‚ Like Heide said – fortunately a loud clap usually breaks it up at my house.

  7. mine do that too. I have to laugh when they’re both in that “strike” position and then neither will budge and it’s like they forget they were fighting πŸ™‚

    silly kitties!

  8. In our case, it’s usually one of the ferrets and Katie. Katie will be settled down to nap on my lap on the couch and one of the ferrets will come poking around.

  9. I think he’s telling her how high the snow got last year.

    Mayhem escaped The Bib! She’s getting to be such a big girl [wipes away a tear]

  10. We have feline discord around here, too. Of course, in our case, it’s because we added my sister’s cat to the mix. No one knows what to think of this situation yet.

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