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You can’t tell from the picture, but that toilet was very low and also almond-colored. The light switch for the main bathroom light was a dimmer switch (one of eight (!!!), now all replaced), which made the lights buzz. It’s not easy to take pictures of my wee bathroom, but… Here’s what it used to look like:

While that vessel sink looked great, it was just too low for me. Plus the vanity developed numerous cracks over the dry winter, so the sink wasn’t level anymore and started to leak. Also, the paint on the walls doesn’t look that dark in these pictures, but combined with the tiny frosted glass single-candelabra bulb light fixture (on the wall above the toilet, not in frame)… I could barely see myself in the mirror! Also, the grout was an assortment of different colors – red-brown, light gray, dark gray.

I sealed all the grout using a medium-gray tinted sealer (tinted sealer looks great, but it is sooooo much work), had the walls repainted a much lighter gray-green (SW Rare Gray), had the low almond toilet replaced with a “comfort height” white toilet, had the low sink and vanity replaced with a taller but less wide sink and vanity, had the ineffective single-candelabra bulb light fixture replaced with a three-bulb fixture, switched out the (black) dimmer switches and a white, now black, GFCI outlet… Much better now!


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  • No time to read! Remodeling!

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19 thoughts on “Linkity remodels”

  1. Scarily the age calculator was one year out!

    Oh… and I am sitting here with a deep tea diver in my mug of tea 🙂

    Chaos… that’s not nice! Erm… you’ve checked Princess Panther isn’t already in the box haven’t you??

    Have a good weekend Chris
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  2. The bathroom looks great! There were a bunch of good posts today. I’m going to try those 2D glasses in the 10 Silly Things post.

  3. I’m 16 yrs younger acording to the quiz, result!

    The bathroom looks much better, worth all the hard hours

  4. Your work paid off! The bathroom looks awesome. If only I’d raised my sink when we redid the vanity 25 years ago. Oh my aching back!
    Chaos the trickster!

  5. Your remodel turned out lovely! Congrats and enjoy the luxuriousness! I too did the age quiz and it surprisingly almost guessed right, it was only a year off.

    Thanks again for all the great links and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Congrats on the bathroom looking so marvelous, especially with you doing the work on the sealer etc.

  7. Lots of good stuff! I had to save some links to go through in more detail later.

    Great job on the remodel – I love having taller toilets and sinks. My dad used to have a house that had a very long bathroom with two sinks – one at normal height, and one that was set about a foot higher for washing your face. I loved it.

  8. The bathroom looks great! I really like the sink with the corner faucet. I’m a shade shy of 5’11”, but the kitchen counter in my 1880s flat is about 4 inches below my hips, and the bottom of the sink is just about 6 inches above my knees. I hate doing dishes with a passionate passion! In the bath, counter and sink are about 6 inches lower still, and if I were two inches taller I wouldn’t see my hair in the mirror.

  9. The bathroom renovation looks awesome! I have to look into renovating my bathroom next year – now it’s time for ‘research’ 🙂

  10. I love that bathroom! While I love the old sink, I tend to like the classic look of the after picture better. VERY nice!!

  11. Nice remodel! I do like the look of the old sink, but I think it wouldn’t be fun to use after a while.

    I didn’t know most of those movies were books first, but then I haven’t seen most of the movies, either. I did know a few…. unsurprisingly, I tended to know the ones I’d seen. 🙂

    2D glasses? Not something I’d ever thought of before. Probably because if I’m paying for the 3D movie, I get my money’s worth. (But then, new 3D tech doesn’t bother me.) The onion glasses (or swim goggles) idea, though, IS GENUIS.

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