Moderne log catin

I might have to work on a switch upgrade tonight, which means working overnight. I won’t know until later today. But maybe I’ll have the chance to get caught up a bit on bloglines, trying to stay awake.

Thursday evening, I’m taking a class on combination knitting from Annie Modesitt at Creative Fibers. Hopefully I won’t get kicked out of class, since I’m taking the class with notorious troublemakers Amy and Deb!

SRP Update: Love You Madly by Linda Palmer, 307 pages. Book three of this relatively new series about soap opera writer Morgan Tyler continues to be enjoyable… and not just because she has a black kitten. 😉

In addition to the Regia Silk sock, I’ve been plugging away on the Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket. I’m about 2/3 done with the pair of intarsia blocks on the right. Then I just have another pair of narrow intarsia blocks (burgundy and olive) to add to the top before I can start the tan edging. Project Spectrum tan!

*sniff sniff* “Hmm, is there something under here?”


39 thoughts on “Moderne log catin”

  1. Switch upgrades – blech!

    But I love your blanket! I know I’m eventually going to cave and make myself one with my leftovers. Should turn out pretty funky…

  2. Hope you don’t get landed with a switch upgrade but if you do I’ll pass you some of my match sticks. It’s only 2pm here but I could easily put my head down on the desk and be in the land of zzzzs.

    I’m interested in hearing what combination knitting is. It probably isn’t knitting and safe-breaking together, hmmm?

  3. ooh you lucky thing getting to do a class with Annie!
    You can link my contest on your blog if you want 🙂
    Switch upgrade doesn’t sound like fun. Do you get a day in lieu of the overnight work?

  4. What is combination knitting? Knitting and reading? I don’t think you need a class in that, you could teach that class!

    I love that blanket. Did Chaos find what he was looking for?

  5. switch upgrades?
    combination knit?
    hmmm, seems like I missed a few posts, and lost the thread of conversation. at any rate, I hope that you don’t have to be up all night, despite the overtime pay.
    oh, and btw – the blankie is lovely.

  6. Beautiful colours for that moderne log cabin 😉 I do need to get back to work on mine, it is currently suffering from a lack of decisiveness as I realize I will run out of one colour sooner than antipated.

  7. **giggles** That is sure to be a lively class ;o) Good luck passing notes!

    Nice blanket! You should qualify for super knitter status. Too bad on the overnight shift – those really messed me up at my last job :o( *comforts and slips a large pot of coffee and some nice spiced baked apple into your cubicle*

  8. I love how the moderne log cabin is turning out. I might have to make one of those! I think you will love the class by Annie Modesitt. Thanks for name of that book. I’d read the first book in the series quite some time ago and forgot who it was by. I love that you love mysteries, you’re feeding my book reading frenzy! 🙂

  9. Your blanket is looking good! The class with Annie Modesitt sounds like fun. I would like to take a class with her sometime if she ever comes near here.

  10. Hmmm….I’ve taken classes with Amy She’s no trouble maker. Will quickly become teachers pet though.(She’s a good student) And with Deb…I’ve taken a couple classes with her but she was the teacher and I, her student. She’s the one I would worry most about. 😉 You all are gonna have such a great time. Wish I could go.

    Also, love your log cabin too.

  11. Shucky-darns, Annie Modesitt will be ten blocks from my Mpls house? And here I am in Wisconsin? Oh well, I’m probably not in her league anyway. Have a great time at her class.

    I started reading “Knit One, Kill Two” by Maggie Sefton last night after your recommendation. What a fun book! Just right for a break after reading “The Kite Runner and “Terrorist.” Thanks!

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