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I’m glad to hear that so many of you are enjoying the contest links! I like providing them for several different reasons. First, contests are just fun. Second, I think it’s an enjoyable way to discover new-to-you blogs. The only thing about blogging that makes me sad is that there are so many great blogs with only a few readers. I do my darnedest to comment on as many blogs as I can, but alas, I am only one blogger with a finite amount of time. So keep sending me your contest links, and keep checking out new-to-you blogs!

SRP Update
Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, 310 pages. I read Atkinson’s novel Behind the Scenes at the Museum quite a while ago for book club and remember it being compelling, powerful, and disturbing. Case Histories is all that, too. Atkinson skillfully weaves together the past and the present in this novel about PI Jackson Brodie who is working on multiple “cold cases.” (Jeanne, you can borrow my copy if this interests you!)
This Pen for Hire: A Jaine Austen Mystery by Laura Levine, 203 pages. A fun, very lightweight mystery about Jaine Austen (“no relation”), who writes brochures, letters, and personal ads for people. I liked the smart alecky style, so I’ll probably pick up the next book in the series.

I started a sock from charcoal Regia Silk (so Project Spectrum), but, after three inches of sock, decided I didn’t like the lace pattern I was using. Now I’m back to one inch of sock in a comfortably boring waffle stitch (and it’s far too dull to take a picture of yet). I’m also plodding along on my MDK moderne log cabin baby blanket. Has anyone else knit this? The directions for squares 9 and 10 (knit simultaneously using intarsia) are not correct (you would end up with a trapesoid instead of a rectangle), but I didn’t see it on the MDK errata page. Where the pattern says to pick up two sets of 54 stitches, you actually need to pick up two sets of 63 stitches.

I came home from work the other night to a fair amount of feline attitude.

“Remember, this is my place and I only let you live here because you have opposable thumbs and can open those darn cans.”

Further inspection revealed that something terrible had happened on top of the cd rack. The sort of neatly stacked books in front of the rack are part of my “to read” pile – the litter of cds, books, and “Girlfriend” is not how the living room floor usually looks.


“Why are you looking at me like that? I wouldn’t do something so naughty! Besides, it’s my place, remember?!”

56 thoughts on “Pretend this is a clever title…”

  1. It must have been “Girlfriend” who did it.. not Chaos! I’m pretty sure that the whole opposable thumb thing is the only reason my cat puts up with me too.

  2. That’s right, blame the poor, defenceless cat!

    How do you know there wasn’t a mouse or big scary bug up there that the heroic cat was trying to catch? I think the cat deserves some fresh tuna or salmon 😉

  3. I guess Chaos was looking for that favorite CD to play while you were out. I know he didn’t MEAN to do it. Maybe he was looking for SPM? Or SRM? OK, maybe he was getting a bird’s eye view of the living room. You know, he is thinking about changing the furniture around and wanted to see how it would look.

  4. Maybe we had a small, undetectable by humans, too small to register on the Richter Scale, earthquake here while you were at work?? I might have felt it just a bit. (I’m trying to help you out, buddy) 😉

  5. Oops!

    Have you read the mysteries that do have Jane Austen as the detective/heroine? I saw them at the library, but wasn’t in the mood for historical.

  6. That’s odd, the same thing happened in Boy’s room on Tuesday night. Momma thought it was one of us (Rufus, Ruby or Rosemary) that knocked over the 6 ft tall stack of DVD’s. Not me. I think it was the Boy’s glow in the dark naked lady, or maybe Monkey Baby.

    See ya round,

  7. Oh no!!!! Dude…! Like the time Atticus jumped on top of the fridge, walked across the shelf with my cook books to where I had crockery containers, and knocked all of them to the ground. Rice. Oats. All my teas. To the floor. Broke every one of them.
    (Why is it always Atticus?!)

    I think the worse think Baby Mae ever did was ralph on my Moroccan rug.

  8. How do you get so much reading done along with knitting? I’ve found that my reading has seriously suffered because of knitting. Well, lately neither has been getting a lot of attention…

    Oh Chaos. Living up to your name again…? Fun times.

  9. Well, you did call him Chaos! He was obviously showing off for Girlfriend.

    So did you ever get any black Regia silk or is charcoal the nearest to it?

  10. Good boy, Chaos, remembering that a good offense is the best defense!

    Kate Atkinson’s books sound good, I’ll have to check them out. She sounds really familiar but I don’t recognize the book titles.

    Migraine all gone today? Residual sleepiness gone too?

  11. Chaos is a destructive little too!

    I’ve discovered some great blogs from all your contest posts. Thanks for taking the time to do that!

  12. I think Chaos wants you to knit up a new catnip mouse…extra large!

    And one of these days I’ll have a contest…just to get mentioned by you!

  13. ****ooooooooh Chaos, you’re in for it now!****
    Wow, what a mess – he didn’t break anything, did he? What a face he is making at you!

    Yea, sure, he was just living up to his name – needing a bit more publicity etc. ;o) He knows he’ll get lots of girl kitties watching his ‘bad boy antics’ this way ;o)

  14. At what point is he going to start rearranging the furniture while you are at work? Did he and Maxine take some kind of posing with ‘tude photo class? Are they watching repeats of Project Runway while we are at work? They are both getting to be super model types. Pretty soon you are going to hear that he doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 worth of catnip.

  15. awww awww Chaos!!! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when it happened. Did it all fall while he was walking across the top of it or was he really flinging them around in a mad frenzy 😉 He looks so posh in those pictures!

  16. LOL! I love that look. Katie usually gives me that look of “I was minding my own business sleeping here and this strange cat burst into the house and knocked everything down.” The ferrets just quickly run and hide.

  17. The Cat says that she’s pretty sure she did it.

    But she is saying that over some tuna treats that don’t look familiar.

    I knew she was suggestible, but this is ridiculous. And where did Chaos get the postage?

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