Wednesday, randomly

I’m a little slow this morning. Damned migraine. Feeling better now (bless the Imitrex), but I’ll have that slow, slightlly groggy feeling all day. Onward to our regularly scheduled program!

Just a Knit Wit is having a contest, collecting Las Vegas-themed songs to make a mix for an upcoming trip.

Gromit is having a contest to guess the number of WIPs/UFOs she has. Send her an email with your guess by 8 pm Eastern, Thursday, August 17.

And Kristin of Yarn and Order is having a contest. Leave a comment before midnight CST, Thursday, August 17, to participate.

Sign ups for Craftlilly’s KnitFlix swap end at midnight tonight!

Remember that retro black cat fabric I have? Well, Trek and I worked out a swap and I sent her the fabric to make me a DPN holder and a sock bag. They arrived yesterday, along with a cool little notebook for me and some catnip for Chaos! Thanks, Trek!

Chaos was definitely interested in the nip…

*sniff sniff* “Hurry up and get this into a mouse for me, Mom!!”

…but he was also very interested in the other things that Trek sent.

“Whatever could this be? It’s not quite what I would expect for a cat bed.”

“I know what this is – it’s a place for me to hide! I am such a good hider. They won’t see me here, either!”

“Wait, why are you all still there?”