Wednesday, randomly

I’m a little slow this morning. Damned migraine. Feeling better now (bless the Imitrex), but I’ll have that slow, slightlly groggy feeling all day. Onward to our regularly scheduled program!

Just a Knit Wit is having a contest, collecting Las Vegas-themed songs to make a mix for an upcoming trip.

Gromit is having a contest to guess the number of WIPs/UFOs she has. Send her an email with your guess by 8 pm Eastern, Thursday, August 17.

And Kristin of Yarn and Order is having a contest. Leave a comment before midnight CST, Thursday, August 17, to participate.

Sign ups for Craftlilly’s KnitFlix swap end at midnight tonight!

Remember that retro black cat fabric I have? Well, Trek and I worked out a swap and I sent her the fabric to make me a DPN holder and a sock bag. They arrived yesterday, along with a cool little notebook for me and some catnip for Chaos! Thanks, Trek!

Chaos was definitely interested in the nip…

*sniff sniff* “Hurry up and get this into a mouse for me, Mom!!”

…but he was also very interested in the other things that Trek sent.

“Whatever could this be? It’s not quite what I would expect for a cat bed.”

“I know what this is – it’s a place for me to hide! I am such a good hider. They won’t see me here, either!”

“Wait, why are you all still there?”

43 thoughts on “Wednesday, randomly”

  1. that fabric is so perfect!

    Does Chaos eat catnip or does he just roll around in it? My cats tend to roll around in it and get all crazy but I was cat sitting for my friend and her cat eats the catnip. Isn’t that weird?

  2. I’ve got my migraine scheduled for next week (mine are really predictable, if you know what I mean). LOVE the needle case and sock bag. I think I need to puzzle out that needle case pattern.

  3. 🙁 on the migraine – hope you feel better soon 🙁 Chaos’ antics must certainly bring a giggle, which always helps mine 🙂

    Very nice set of knitting bags! Trek does a great job! I was thinking of making one of these – but have to puzzle it out (as another commenter said).

  4. Hope your head is feeling better. Migraines are the worst.

    Is Chaos affected by catnip? Some cats aren’t. Lucy and Petey act like it’s crack.

  5. I’m so glad that the fabric got used!! YAY! It looks so great!

    It’s also cool that you are keeping everyone up on contests! It’s such a fun way to check out blogs I haven’t seen before!

  6. I love your blog – sorry about the migraines. They are so debilitating –
    You’ll love the notebook. Looks like a Moleskine – those little books have the smoothest, most delightful paper.

  7. Hehe.. Maybe you need Trek to make you a Chaos Case. 🙂 I love that fabric. It’s perfect. And is that a Moleskinne? They are the nicest little notebooks.

  8. I hope your migraine is but a fuzzy memory now. They are the pits and you have my sympathy.

    Love the sock bag and DPN holder! That fabric is so awesome 🙂

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