Somewhere in East Glacier…

…in August of 2002. Or maybe 2001. I think. Round about that time, anyway. This is one of my favorite pictures of me ever. I still have that crocheted black cowboy hat, which I got at the Boulder Art Fair a few years before the picture was taken.

“This is my impression of Mom in East Glacier. Only without the hat. Or the waterfall. Or the greenery. Or the braid. Pretty good, huh?” -Mayhem

24 thoughts on “Somewhere in East Glacier…”

  1. Oh, I see why you love the picture, it is great! I would frame that.

    Not you Mayhem, although I’m sure you’ve taken a few pretty good pictures in your day too.

  2. That’s a cool picture of you. I bet it brings back lots of great memories. The context (including the hat) is so rich.

    How bout making Mayhem a braid and a hat? 😉

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