Erm, this might be another one of those weeks you should have a snack before commencing to linkity

Congrats to Marie W, who won Different by Kim Dare!

Congrats to Ilona, who won This Little Whatever by Nicole Forcine! This Little Whatever is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Congrats to Sarah M and Deanna B, who won Learning Curve (Life Lessons #4) by Kaje Harper! Learning Curve is being released today by MLR Press.




Do, Think, Make, Learn


Gluten Free


Cool or Wha…?



  • Toxicity… (Hover your cursor for additional text.)

Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • Look! Over there! Up in the sky! Is that a… hockey fic? 😉

I checked. Not dead! 🙂 (That’s Mayhem, in case you can’t tell.)

10 thoughts on “Erm, this might be another one of those weeks you should have a snack before commencing to linkity”

  1. Oh dear, mustn’t skim read the linkity…. for about 30 seconds my mind was boggling over “Ebooks and Piercing Points”…. I mean, this has been investigated??… I was quite disappointed when I actually hit the link!

    May – bonus points for the “something dead found lurking in a gutter” pose!

    Have a good weekend Chris
    A recent post from Kate..What I read in August………..My Profile

  2. 1. I got an email this week from Barnes & Noble saying I would get a certificate for free book(s) as a result of a settlement they made. Yay!
    B. Oyster = a library you pay $9.95/month for, although you probably don’t have to wait in the Hold queue.
    iii. My brother lives in San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and has v-e-r-y s-l-o-w internet at home. Which he characterizes as WEIRD.
    d. The 29 MN things are FABULOUS! Yay, Amy, for finding the article!
    A recent post from kmkat..FO Friday.My Profile

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