Some of you may be wondering…

where the heck is the knitting content?!

It’s on its way. Really. Trust me. 😉

Actually, I should have a new digital camera later today, so I’ve been waiting to take more pictures.

Until then, I leave you with this lovely image:

That’s one of a pair of beer cozies I knitted for our department’s white elephant gift exchange several years ago, modeled on an empty beer bottle so the recipient would have some idea of its intended function. It was knitted from some vintage “Orange Ombre” wool I had on hand (can’t remember the brand – probably something fancy like Lee Wards or the like), using this pattern from Knitting Pretty.

3 thoughts on “Some of you may be wondering…”

  1. ahh gratuitous cat pictures… i have several myself from this weekend however i have yet to post them… i actually did “work” today and haven’t had a chance to be all over the unsuspecting internet like i normally am…

    yay work!
    yay chaos and his reverse twin diablo!
    yay mittens!

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