Misadventures Vacation, Week 8

The Misadventures vacation continues! Things should be back to normal next Monday.

I’ll be in training classes for work all week, which is going to make for a looooong week for me. Especially with juggling car repairs in a completely different suburb. How’s everyone else doing? 🙂

“I’ve got my eye on you, Mom. Don’t try to sneak any naughty boys past me or anything!” -Mayhem

9 thoughts on “Misadventures Vacation, Week 8”

  1. I hope the training classes are interesting at least. 🙂 And that you get your own car back soon and without too big a bill.

  2. Mayhem, Mom is just going to be too fried from training to sneak anybody by you. Scary noises from a car is always alarming. Hopefully, the mechanic fixes your car properly and the bill isn’t too high.

  3. We packed our pod and move to Kentucky on Wednesday. Now we are in the chuck the remaining stuff out mode, which is pretty awesome but not as restful as being done. I will enjoy our month in temporary housing as a month that we can do less packing/unpacking.
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  4. When I think of how much weight I can gain in a ONE week vacation … OMG. I hope those Naughty Boys have been careful, or Candy Cane Guy will look like Candy Store Guy (a good name for me if I ever do covers).

  5. Having Misadventures withdrawal! Making do with various bad cover blogs, but it ain’t the same. Enjoy your training!

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