The week in which training ate linkity

Congrats to dana, who won Freeman (2nd ed) by Clare London!

Congrats to Crissy M, who won the Blooming Marvellous anthology by Josephine Myles!

Today is my last day of training, fortunately – long days in front of the computer learning really complicated stuff (BizTalk Server 2013, in case you were curious) have left me in a hopefully not-permanent stupor. Sorry – I just can’t spend any more time in front of the computer today. 🙁 And I’m really jealous of Chaos right now!!

“…so sleepy…” -Chaos

11 thoughts on “The week in which training ate linkity”

  1. I am always jealous of sleeping cats, even when I am not sleepy.

    Glad to hear the training is over! I hope it – and the car repair – went well!

    I cannot even imagine getting up early enough to be at work at 6:30 daily.

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