Pretend it’s a Random Wednesday…

TB is having a contest in which you send her a picture of the weirdest thing on display in your house. Photos must be received by midnight, August 13. I don’t think she says what the prize is – hopefully not the weirdest thing on display from her house! 😉

SRP update:
The Apostrophe Thief by Barbara Paul, 247 pages. I’m reading the Marian Larch (NYPD) mysteries totally out of order – it’s an older series and the library doesn’t have all of the books.
A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton, 259 pages. The third mystery about Fort “Connor” (Colorado) CPA and new knitter Kelly Flynn and her friends is another light and speedy read.

As part of my ongoing series of unusually colored Minneapolis architecture, here’s a purple house/business that I missed in July…

…and a house of a different color – you definitely want to click on this picture to get a better look!

The Crafty Modster held her final Project Spectrum mix giveaway and I won; actually, everyone who entered won something! Look at all those PS neutrals:

I’m all set, aren’t I? Thread, embroidery floss, tasty chocolate, a very cool flower pin (with the button in the middle) that now graces my cube…

…the mix, of course…

…and a card for Chaos! (Interestingly, that’s similar to a favorite Chaos pose that I haven’t managed to get a picture of.) Thank you so much, Anjo!

Speaking of Chaos…

“Good grief, there are other vegetables besides the Evil Zucchini Monster?! That’s just not right.”

31 thoughts on “Pretend it’s a Random Wednesday…”

  1. Way cool Project Spectrum prize! And how do I narrow down weirdest thing on display in my house? Yikes. My daughter laughed long and loud at Chaos’s zucchini antics.

  2. I’d like to see what Chaos thinks of an eggplant :o)

    And your pictures really want to make me come visit the Minneapple. It looks like such a hip, cool city. Of course you know I can only come in the summertime though.

    Also thanks for the link to my “weird” contest. I haven’t announced the prize yet, I might be picking it up this weekend when we visit the Florida Keys there is plenty of weird stuff down there.

  3. That is a fun neutrals set! Of course you have a live in neutral cool cat!

    I can’t get over how my cat, Wiji looks like an overweight, lazier Chaos. She’s even got that bit of white on her chest.

  4. Poor little Chaos…little dude…

    Love those colourful houses/buildings! There are some funky ones in my neighbourhood, I’m gonna have to snap a few pics, maybe in the fall when the leaves start changing.

  5. A mystery series featuring a CPA knitter? I’m all over it — just requested [all?]4 of that author’s books from my library.

    That house is on Penn a block or two south of 50th, right? The owner has had a number of *design themes* over the years — there was one, or maybe it was a billboard in the yard, that featured lots of words. Not my house, thanks, but always interesting.

  6. I can tell, Chaos is just not into vegetables. 🙂 Those colorful Minnesota houses are great. What a creative package of Project Spectrum goodies Anjo sent, complete with chocolate!

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