10 thoughts on “Misadventures vacation, Week 5”

  1. I hope all has gone smoothly with the move, and that the kitties are adjusting well. I hope you kept in mind cat sunbathing and bird watching when you selected your new place. Also, Chaos would like you to forget to put cat-proof locks on all the cabinets.
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  2. My goodness, 5 weeks without a misadventure. I’m starting to forget what a bad photoshop hairstyle looks like. I’m keppin mu fimgets criosssed fr a snoothy mve. Can yu telll?

  3. Oh I recognize that look in Chaos’ eyes. NOT a happy camper! Tell Chaos he’ll be fine! And its the perfect time to scope out his own spots before Mayhem starts! Or has she already found all the good spots and that’s why he’s stuck in the bookcase??
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  4. Happy move!

    The first thing we set up after our last move was the bed, because we knew that we would be too tired to do it when we wanted to finally go to sleep. I hope you won’t be living out of boxes for long!
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