Misadventures vacation, Week 3 – Now with more storm pictures than you’d expect from that title!

Congrats to Maya, who won The Match Before Christmas (2nd ed) by Eden Winters!

Congrats to Susan A, Karl, Samantha, Cynthia, and bheds, who won Reach for the Moon (Alejo & Bobby) by Val Kovalin!

Congrats to batchelorboy55, who won Damned If You Do: The Complete Collection by JL MerrowDamned If You Do will be released on June 24 by Riptide Publishing.

The Misadventures vacation continues!

Friday night at around 7:45 pm, I noticed that it was nearly completely black outside – not normal when the sun doesn’t set until 9 pm. And then the severe thunderstorm hit, with winds gusting to nearly 70 mph in some places. At 8 pm, I lost power for the next 30 hours.

More about the storm from the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio.

Some scenes from my neighborhood on Saturday – click to embiggen.

“The storm was very, very scary!! I hid under the couch for safety.” -Mayhem