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Congrats to Jess1, who won A Shot at Forgiveness by Cardeno C!

Congrats to Azure J, who won Masochist’s Choice (Sun, Sea and Submission #5) by Kim Dare!


  • Chiang Mai Thai in Uptown Minneapolis has this amazing green sauce that comes with the grilled chicken Chiang Mai style. Everyone I know who’s had it agrees it’s completely delicious and addictive, and we all hoard our leftover bits of the sauce to use at home. All I can tell you is that it has garlic, some sort of spicy green chile (I’m guessing a type of spicy green Thai chile), and something that makes it a bit sticky when spilled (sugar? lime juice?). It smells like the spicy essence of greenness. YUM.




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Gluten Free




  • Yes, it would be. (Make sure you hover your cursor over the comic for additional text.)

Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
Unperfect Souls (Connor Grey #4) by Mark Del Franco. Shit hits the fan in Boston as Connor’s mysterious dark power continues to be mysterious.

“Something’s up. I don’t know what it is, but I know I don’t like it. Other than the great boxes that Mom brings home, that is!” -Mayhem