Wham, bam, linkity, shazam! In which Mayhem turns 7.

Congrats to Loren, who won The Argentine Seduction (The Chimera Affair #1.5) by Keira Andrews!

Congrats to Susan, who won In Search of a Story by Andrew Gre! In Search of a Story is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Happy 7th birthday, Mayhem!!! 🙂


Think, Do, Make, Learn





Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • Is this thing on?

Do not disturb. Deep birthday thoughts in progress! (Or nap preparation – who can tell?!)

18 thoughts on “Wham, bam, linkity, shazam! In which Mayhem turns 7.”

  1. I may need to start doing my links post on Thursdays. I keep having to delete links because you did them the day before 😉 (This time it was the dinosaur wedding photo.)
    A recent post from kmkat..Today.My Profile

  2. ♪♬Happy Birthday, dear Mayhem,♬♪
    ♪♬Happy Birthday to you.♬♪

  3. Estas soooon las mañaniiitas que cantaaaaaba el Rey Daviiiid a la gatiiiiita mas boniiita se la cantamos asi:

    Despierta, Mayhem despierta, mira que ya amanecioooooooo, ya los pajaritos cantan y la luna ya se mecioooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Mayhem!!!!!!!


    These are the dawns
    that King David sang about
    The pretiest kitty, we are singing here because today is her birthday
    Wake up Mayhem, Wake up and
    see what dawn has brought
    The birds are singing
    and the moon has set!!!!!!

  4. Ok I can’t believe May is the same age as my blog! She seems younger! You go girl!!!

    Second, I see a link to sock yarn goodness, but no knitty goodness produced in your blog!!! Why is this?!!?!
    A recent post from Lynn..Friday FelinesMy Profile

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