Imagine my surprise when I realized what my knitting looked like

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Let me assure you that I am not knitting what it looks like I am knitting.

Not that I can tell you what I’m knitting, because it’s a secret. But it really isn’t what it looks like.

“Ummm, I really hope that isn’t a kitty toy, Mom. Really hope.” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “Imagine my surprise when I realized what my knitting looked like”

  1. Chris- I dislike Valentine’s Day- anything mushy and sucky- and anything the card companies take advantage of.

    I thought at first it was a boob- but I gave myself a shake.

  2. It looks exactly like a prosthesis breast. I collected some last year for a friend of mine who has breast cancer. Then again, it may have nothing to do with human anatomy. Happy Monday!

  3. It’s not a giant pink heart? A pink shawl? A sweet kitty pi bed? A…….okay, I’m out. 🙂

    Anti Valentine’s Days should not be celebrated with romances. Pfft, phooey. 🙂

  4. I checked Ravelry; I didn’t think it would help, and it didn’t. But I saw Chaos in a strawberry baby hat! How cute was he! And he looked positively delighted to model that adorable baby hat. 😉

    I happen to like pink. My wedding dress was a frostier version of that pink, however, I do realize it isn’t for everyone. I like how the increases work. Is it one of those pink stuffed elephant toys, and we are seeing the back end, so to speak?

  5. hehe… I’m still giggling at Emily’s top down boob hat comment. I keep having a vision of a boob on my head. But it’s pink so it’s got to be for someone else.

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