Of statues and fangs

At approximately this time of year, eight or nine years ago, a friend from near Boston and I decided to meet up in New Orleans for a long weekend away from winter. You’ve seen some of those pictures before, such as my pictures of egrets from the zoo, and me very hungover. Here are a couple more photos of some famous landmarks.

And of course, when one thinks of New Orleans, one thinks of vampires, right? 😉

“Well, I might not know what they are, but they are kind of fun to play with.” -Chaos

“Gimme!” -Mayhem

“Gimme gimme!!” -Mayhem

27 thoughts on “Of statues and fangs”

  1. It takes so little make ’em happy! I’m pretty sure May has a pair of chompers that would rival those vampire teeth.

    Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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