Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 156th (My Lips Are Actually Fused To His Neck Guys)

Congrats to Annie, who won If It Flies (Market Garden #3) by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov! If It Flies is being released today by Riptide Publishing.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be meeting the My Lips Are Actually Fused To His Neck Guys (MLAAFTHNG).

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The end. Very short one today – um, I’ll blame the start of Daylight Savings Time. 😉

*too annoyed for commentary* -Mayhem

14 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 156th (My Lips Are Actually Fused To His Neck Guys)”

  1. There are so few m/m themed stock photos out there, especially affordable ones. No wonder these two guys–in this pose and others–made it onto so many covers. They’re not even exceptionally good looking, but they’re sweet together.
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  2. When I saw the name, My Lips Are Actually Fused To His Neck Guys, I expected the resulting covers to be so much raunchier. It is a nice change of pace that they are sweet and other than some colorization very few PhotoShop travesties have occurred to them.

    Of course, the next set of photos are going to involve poorly done neck tattoos and strangely flowing locks or facial hair. They are doomed!
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  3. I am aSTONished at how many covers use MLAAFTHNG. There are thousands of kids foolish enough to major in photography, illustration, or graphic design (I was one of them). THEY WILL SHOOT, ILLUSTRATE, OR DESIGN COVERS FOR FREE. As seniors, or recent graduates, they’ll be happy to have a portfolio piece.

    Why am I telling Chris this. She obviously knows….

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